[Solved] Cannot Produce Final Edited Video in Live Movie Maker Due To Corrupted or Missing Video File

Windows live movie maker is a really simple and easy to use video editing tools which works best for basic and moderate level video editing and moreover it comes for free for windows but you will need to download it separately and its works perfectly with windows 8.

Recently some days back when I was editing a video, after complete editing when I tried to produce the final video file with movie maker, it throws the error saying that the video file inside the movie maker project was either deleted or corrupted.

Now there are three ways to solve this issue in movie maker – one simple and quick way is to reload the project file by closing the project file with all changes and reload it by restarting movie maker as most of the time after restart live movie maker might show the same corrupted same video file as same.

Install The Missing Codec For The Video File

Movie maker supports most of the video files but some file types you will see the exclamation mark which indicates that video or audio codec for that file is supported. If a codec is missing, you might want to try to play the video file in Windows Media Player. For some types of video files, Windows Media Player can automatically download and install missing codecs, you can install the missing codecs for free by installing the K Lite codec pack


Remove The Corrupted or Missing Video File From The Video

Another simple way to get rid of this error in live movie maker is to remove the missing or corrupted video file as if its missing you should better remove the file as it indicates the video file used in project is deleted from the source folder.


Let us know if you faced same of similar problem or if there is any other way you fixed this issue on your PC, read more about related problem in which movie maker does not have enough space to save the final edited video.

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