[Solved] Cannot Resize or Shrink Primary Partition in Windows 8 or Earlier After Certain Limit

There are times when you may want to resize the primary C partition in windows as you need to create other drives, this happens in most of the laptops you buy these days, as by default they only have one drive created that’s the C drive, in case you don’t want to store every file in C drive you want more partitions as the entire hard disk space is given to C drive you need to shrink it, but the question is how much you can shrink it.


Yes, there is a limitation on the size you can shrink the primary partition which has the operating system files which are responsible to run the OS, sometimes when you try to shrink a partition it will throw the error saying “You cannot shrink a volume beyond the point where any unmovable files are located.” if you have seen this or some other similar error while shrining the partition, you can follow some of the fixes which will solve this thing for you.

Disable Hibernation To Shrink Partition To High Level

As you might know that if you enable Hibernation on a windows pc, it creates hibernate.sys file which is protected by operating system as it stores the information about running programs in real time when you hibernate your computer, so if during shrinking the disk management reach that part of storage where the file is residing then it will stop and will not be able to further shrink the drive further which will again result in more storage on primary drive partition than secondary if you want. So, good idea is to disable hibernation by pressing Windows + r and then type the command “powercfg –h OFF” [without double quotes]


Disable Paging On Primary C Drive Partition

Paging is another hard disk management feature which might cause issue while shrinking the drive, so to disable the same open Control Panel > Systems > Advanced System properties > Advanced tab > Performance > Settings Performance options > Advanced tab > Performance Settings > Performance Options > Advanced tab > Virtual Memory > Change > Uncheck Automatically manage paging file size > select system drive > select No paging File > Click OK/Apply till you exit all windows and then restart windows 8.

Disable System Protection on C Drive

Open Control Panel > Systems and Security>System > Advanced System properties >System Protection and then Configure> Check Turn off system protection(For c drive) only and restart windows pc.

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