[Solved] Cannot Uninstall Nokia PC Suite With Nokia PC Suite Cleaner


It may happen to you that you cannot install the latest version of Nokia pc suite which is now Ovi Suite but you have older version of Nokia pc suite already installed on your pc which you need to remove completely in order to install the new ovi suite.


But when you try to remove older Nokia pc suite, you may not be able to see the entry for some reason under installed programs or the uninstalling procedure for older Nokia pc suite may not complete due to some reason, read on further to know how to completely remove Nokia pc suite.

Nokia PC Suite Cleaner is a light weight portable program released by Nokia recently, which can remove a corrupted Nokia pc suite on your computer. It will remove the unnecessary files and registry data left on your PC, after uninstalling Nokia PC Suite.


Note: Make sure to take a backup copy of your important data before using PC Suite Cleaner


Some Key Features Of This Application

1. The application is designed to delete both files and registry information.

2. Depending on the installation directory of PC Suite, PC Suite Cleaner might also delete user-defined files.

3. PC Suite Cleaner creates a temporary directory where it copies all files it removes.


When you run this tool, it will give you following options from which you need to choose your error you are seeing when you try to remove Nokia Pc Suite.


  • "I receive an error message": Select this option if you receive a message that a previous version of PC Suite is still installed or you have problems opening Nokia Connection Manager.
  • "Problem using Nokia PC Suite": Select this option if you receive an error message "Operation could not be completed" when you open Nokia Phone Browser (File Manager). Nokia PC Suite Cleaner will register certain files on your computer.
  • "Problem during uninstallation": Select this option if you can’t uninstall PC Suite using the Windows Add/Remove feature or the uninstallation process freezes before it is completed.
  • "Clean my computer": Select this option if it seems that there are unnecessary Nokia PC Suite-related files on your computer. Before you select this option, ensure that PC Suite has already been uninstalled or you have already tried the other options.
  • "Analyze my computer": Select this option if you want PC Suite Cleaner to analyze your computer’s registry and file system and search for PC Suite related information. PC Suite Cleaner will create several log files but it will not delete any information from your computer

    Download Nokia PC Suite Cleaner | Alternate Link


    1. Dear sirs

      1)Icannot uninstall PC Suite (an error “uninstallation failed due to missing source” appears in the Cleaner Report (same message when i intend to uninstall thru Windows Control Panel

      thank you for your advice


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