[Solved] Cannot Update Windows 8 Apps and They Stuck While Installing Updates

Recently when microsoft pushed an multiple updates for almost all the core apps in windows 8, when we tried to download these updates we faced some before we could make sure that the apps are updated, firstly the most important thing you should know is that either it is the core windows 8 metro app which comes preinstalled or you have installed the same, it will not auto update and in order to update it you will need to go to windows 8 start screen and then click on the upper right corner to start updating the apps.


Now when we started updating these apps there are was no problem in the beginning but after some time we faced some error in some of the apps while updating, suddenly some of the apps stopped updating and thrown the error saying – something happened and this app could not be installed

app_updates_could_not_get_installed_in_windows_8 by

The most simple way to fix this is to click the try again button after making sure that your windows 8 machine is connected to internet as this could be due to the disconnected internet on your PC.

Uninstall and Download The App Again From Windows 8 App Store

If still it does not help and the app cannot be updated this way after rechecking the update for the app again via windows 8 store then the last option is to uninstall the app and download the new version of the app from windows 8 store which will have all the latest changes but you will lose all settings, configuration and data you have stored inside the app and you will need to reconfigure it again.


You just need to locate the app and right click on it to see the uninstall option and then restart your PC and search it on windows 8 store after restart to reinstall it again.

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