[ Solved ] Change Windows 7 Key And Activate With New Windows 7 Key


There may be a need for you to change your Windows 7 Key. This need maybe because :

  • You are updating from Windows 7 public beta to a licensed version of Windows
  • You were having a copy of Windows 7 which was not genuine but you have now purchased a license and want to update the Windows 7 key
  • You have any other need because of which you want to change Windows 7 key


In this article I will explain the step by step guide to update Windows 7 Key.


1. Go to Start Menu and search cmd, this will show command prompt result at the top as shown below:


2. Right Click on this cmd.exe icon and click Run As Administrator


3. Type the following command:


slmgr.vbs /upk

slmgr.vbs /ipk <your windows genuine key here>


The first command will remove the present product key and the second command will update the new key.



4. If you the above step correctly with a valid License Key for Windows 7, you will see a success message like the one below:


5. Now you need to activate Windows online. For this Go to Control Panel > System

On this screen you will find the link to activate Windows. Click on the link which says

“Activate Windows Now”



6. You will see a Windows Activation Window as seen below, select the Retype Product Key option:



7. Type the Windows key again in this window and it will start an online validation if you are connected to Internet.



8. You will get a success message on activation on Windows


Hope you find the tutorial easy to follow.


  1. I tried the above steps but I get an error.
    ‘ slmgr.vbs ‘ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

    Any ideas.

  2. Great, this worked fine for my Win7 Prof. 64bit multilanguage. Other (official) tutorials don’t fit.

  3. gr8, its worked for my Windows 7 ultimate 64-bit version ……………thanxxx trouble fixers…………..:)

  4. @Thobile @DON @ADRIAN
    Make sure you follow step 2 carefully where you need to run the command prompt as administrator, it can make the script to not work if not run as administrator.

  5. For those who can’t get this to work and are too lazy to search for the file on their computer….
    C:\Windows\System32 – Open this up.
    Scroll down to slmgr.vbs Now, mine had “.watremover” after the file name.
    Remove that an the command now works in comand prompt..

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