[Solved] Disable Windows Protected Your PC Warning While Installing Third Party Programs in Windows 8

There are times when you will see the error in windows 8 when you try to install some third party programs, we have already written about how you can run old programs in windows 8 and how to fix apps and programs which does not run in windows 8 due to .net framework

Now when there some hindrance while running a program, you will see it saying and displaying the error saying that Windows has actually protected your pc by preventing a program to get installed until you give a confirmation.

windows start screen  

This warning as shown in the above for almost every third party installer you run and try to run it, even for the same setup file if you need to uninstall and reinstall it to see the the error message saying your PC. There is a simple way to get rid of this error, you just need to disable smart screen in windows which will eventually cause this error.

Open Control Panel >> Action Center and here you will see the option to disable smart screen – it says change windows SmartScreen.


There are 3 levels of control to smartscreen, you can either set it to show you a warning but you don’t need admin rights to do the same or in the third option you can complete disable so that you don’t see any warning.


If you select the third option you will stop seeing the Windows has protected your PC warning the next time you try to install a third party program.

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