[Solved] Facebook Official WordPress Plugin Throws Error While Publishing Blog Post

Since the official facebook plugin is out from most of the wordpress use the same, but recently after installing the official wordpress plugin on one of my blog when I tried publishing the blog post through the wordpress editor on my blog, it threw the following error saying Invalid Argument in sitename/wp-content/facebook/fb-social-publisher.php in line number 255 and 297 – but if I refresh the page the error is gone and blog post is published without any issues.

wordpress error

I decided to investigate the issue and found out that there is a bug in this plugin version which is causing this error every time I publish a blog post I see the above error. After some searching I found some solution to problem.

At one of the support thread on wordpress one of the user pointed out that this error could be seen when the option to publish to author timeline is unchecked and if you just check the same it will fix the problem even if you just check it and don’t use that feature.

So, to fix this you will first need to login into the wordpress blog dashboard and then go the facebook plugin settings – here you will find the social publisher option which allows you to post the blog post link to your facebook wall once you publish a blog post.

social publisher facebook


You just need to make sure that social publisher feature is checked – you don’t need to configure the other settings like Publish to author timeline, fan page and mentions on the home page etc. That’s it – once you check this option in facebook plugin and click the save changes button at the end of plugin settings you will automatically get rid of the error.

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