[Solved] Fix a Crashed Hard Disk or Recover Data

This is quite different scenario when you recognize that hard disk of your computer has just crashed or gone faulty, in this article we are going to tell you how can you find out whether hard disk on your computer is crashed or gone faulty and in case how can you recover data from it.

crashed hard disk

There are many indications of faulty or crashed hard disk  like improper sounds from the hard drive, on some case the pc might reboots again and again, you see blue screen of death, Hard drive is not recognized in BIOS, Hard drive is not formatted with a file system, windows freezes or hangs while running.

Now there are different ways you can deal this situation, Overheating is another cause of hard disk failure for some time and it may not function until it cools down so wait and it might start working when you boot your pc after 1 hour if hard disk failure happens.

Reconnect the Physical Cable on Hard Disk

The simple way to fix when hard disk does not detect or operating system not found is that you can reconnect the cable bus and reboot your computer and rather than booting the OS,  go to BIOS and see whether you can see the hard disk detected again before you try booting os on it.

Hard Disk Failure – Data Recovery

Hard drive crash generally may cause data loss. Now there are chances that you still might be able to recover data from the drive using some drive recovery tools but they wont help in case you have a physical damage on the hard disk or to check this create a Live CD boot with it and recover data from it.

Connect Hard Disk To Other Laptop Using a Case

There is one more way with which you can connect the hard disk to another pc using a external hard drive case which comes at a low cost and serves to convert your big hard disk to work as a portable drive.


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