[Solved] Fix Programs Throws Error Windows 8 SmartScreen Can’t Be Reached Right Now

Windows 8 no doubt one of the best version of windows released till now and the modern UI does make it more innovative, but there are times when users who recently adopted windows 8 face the error “Windows SmartScreen Can’t Be Reached Right Now” which appears while installing some programs in windows when you click the setup file or some other thing.


In this case when you face this error than it means that Windows SmartScreen (a "link/file checker" added by Microsoft in Windows 8) is broken / cannot contact Microsoft servers. I can assure you that the file is fine so you can ignore this warning and run the file anyway so that you can run the software.

Please Note: You should only select the option Run anyway when you know that the file you are trying to run or software you are trying to install is genuine and some software you have used before as well.

One reason because of which you are receiving this error is that software should be compatible with Windows 8 after having a check at their websites itself. You can verify the compatible list of software’s for windows 8 at this page. In case you are annoyed by this windows 8 feature you can disable this feature by following the steps below.

Remove SmartScreen Filter In Windows 8

1. Go to windows 8 Control Panel.

2. Click System and Security or Locate action center

3. Click Action Center.

4. Click Change Windows SmartScreen Settings on the left side of the window. You should now see the window shown on the right.


Click a radio button to indicate whether you would like Windows 8 to enable or disable SmartScreen. You can enable SmartScreen and prevent Windows 8 from running any unknown application without Administrator approval, enable it and allow any user to approve applications or disable SmartScreen entirely.


Click OK.

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