[Solved] Fix Cannot Add Credit Card on Windows Phone

One of our reader who has a valid credit card was not able to add it in the windows phone store as every time he tried on windows phone it does not do anything rather it shows him a black white page where there is nothing and for who are wondering he has a valid working credit card which is working fine on all other services.

Try To Buy App and Add The Credit Card

Before you do all this make sure that the date and time on your windows phone are right and then open windows phone store and locate any app and once that happens then will ask you to add a payment method and now you can add a credit card but this process will ask you to enter all the credit card details with the address at which your card is registered.

add credit card

Add Your Credit Card with Microsoft Account on Microsoft Website For Windows Phone

Go to windowsphone.com and sign in with your microsoft account which you use on your windows phone for store.


Once signed in – go to account settings


Then you will see the section where in you see the link to edit the billing info.


Here you can see the same sections to fill in the credit card details and you can easily add the credit card, it will charge some amount on your card for confirming which will later get reversed and this way you will be able to fix this problem. 

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