[Solved] Fix Cannot Connect One or Some Websites on My PC

One of our reader reported this strange problem when he could not connect or load some websites in any browser on his windows machine, he tried google chrome, internet explorer and firefox etc and also installed some other browsers like opera and safari but issue did not resolved as none of the browsers were not able to load the websites he wanted to connect.

This problem is quite strange but may happen on some broadband internet connections like Airtel or MTNL or any other, we checked the same time when he reported the error and the websites were loading fine at our end so that indicated the problem was not with the website but it was either the internet connection or some thing wrong with the user pc where he faced this problem.

If you are facing some similar problem, following are some solutions you can apply to fix this error.

Is Website Just Down For Everyone or Just You

The first simple way to find out if the websites you are trying to connect is actually down and not reachable at that time, you can load this free webservice called downforeveryoneorjustme.com and then you need to enter the website address in this service.


Check Your Host File on Windows PC

Each windows PC have a host file which defines the local address of your machine which is in simple words there might some viruses or other malware infection which can make the entry of your recently visited website on the host file and once a website is added over there it will be considered as local address and you wont be able to access the websites in any browser.

Location of the host file is C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc – a normal host file without any harmful changes should look like as shown in the image below.


If you see a new entry under localhost name resolution, make sure to remove it and then try connecting to the websites which were not reachable before.

Reset Network Settings With Some Commands

If none of the above methods worked for you, then you should try resetting the network configuration on your windows pc, for this you will need to run some commands on your windows machine but make sure to launch command prompt with administrator privileges on windows PC.


The command which you need to run one by one are

ipconfig /flushdns

and then type

netsh winsock reset

Once both of the commands are completed, you should restart your computer and check whether you can now access the unreachable websites, in most of the cases the problem should go away after restart.

Check Firewalls Settings Which Might Be Blocking Some Websites

Another common reason behind this issue which is quite common is the firewall, in case you have an additional firewall installed on your computer which might be blocking some websites so check for the settings of the firewall or simply disable it temporarily to check if you can access the website.

Contact Your ISP or Internet Provider

At last, you can try contacting the ISP which provides you internet and report this issue to them and as they might have blocked certain websites, they will have an answer for you in such cases and they will unblock any mistaken website which has came under their security scanner.

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