[Solved] Fix Cannot Launch IE 10 in Windows 8 Using IE Tile on Start Screen

I am google chrome user for the last 4 years, I adopted google chrome in early stages of development, now it has become one of the mostly used browser on windows machine. After upgrading my windows 7 to windows 8 I installed google chrome after some days when I noticed that IE 10 is great but not that fast and useful and it does not offer much functionality with lack of extensions.

IE 10 on the other hand does offer a good browsing full screen experience so I decided to launch the windows 8 mode of IE in full screen by clicking the tile on the start screen but to my surprise what ever I do, I cant launch the IE 10 rather IE desktop mode gets launched all the time.


After some time and some search I found the solution why I was not able to launch the full screen IE 10 in windows 8 and that was because google chrome was set as default browser rather than IE. As per the launch options of IE 10 in windows 8 it appeared that if some other third party browser is set as default browser you can not enjoy using the IE 10 full screen which is quite weird but that’s the way Microsoft coded windows 8.

As per Microsoft IE10 is available in both Metro style and desktop experiences when it is the default browser. If Internet Explorer is not your default browser, only desktop IE is available and you cannot change IE’s Browser Launch Settings. The “Choose how you open links” option on the Programs tab of the Internet Properties dialog will be disabled (“grayed out”) when IE is not the default browser.

cant launch IE 10 metro mode 

Now the only way to launch the IE 10 in modern UI mode is to set IE as default browser again using default programs in windows 8. Now to change the default browser, type “default” on the Windows 8 Start screen. The Start screen will search apps, settings, and files for this term. The Apps results will include Default Programs. Touch or click it to bring up the Default Programs control panel item. From its list of options, select “Set your default programs” to display a page containing a list of programs on the left.

set default programs

Let us know if you know about any other fix for this issue without changing the default browser in windows 8 to IE 10.

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