[Solved] Fix Cannot Login in Windows 8 with Microsoft Account Live ID

Some of our readers reported about this strange problem started happening with their windows 8 pc, they were suddenly not able to login in windows 8 using the Microsoft account or live ID, in such cases if a user is not using local account on windows 8 faced this issue. As when every time they tried to login it said password incorrect and they are stuck at the login screen.

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For most of the users this happened due to a recent update in windows 8 which gets installed which does not accept password more than 16 characters and next time restart the machine, they cant login in windows 8 because of the this issue. After searching about this we came to find out that there can be many reasons behind this and it can be solved in many ways as well.

Check If Your Microsoft Live ID Account is Correct

First check if the password is correct for your live id account, by logging in hotmail or SkyDrive to make sure that your account is not hacked, as when you change the password of your live id account on internet, you have to enter the new password on the windows 8 machine. In case, you find the password of your account is changed without your knowledge, you can go this webpage – you will be asked with the security question and once the new password is effective you can login with the new password making sure that the windows 8 machine should be connected to internet.

Keyboard Language Layout changed

If you can successfully sign in to sites such as account.live.com using the same email address and password and your windows 8 PC is configured to support more than one language will display the current keyboard language layout in the lower-right portion of the sign-in screen, directly to the left of the power icon.

For example, EN is displayed for English.

If you see a language option, make sure you’re entering your password with the correct language characters.

Installed Webroot Software

Webroot antivirus software prior to version mistakenly removes core Windows 8 operating system registry entries required for Microsoft account sign in.  If you are running a version of Webroot prior to, you should update immediately.

Sign in With a Local Account in Windows 8

Just in case if you have created a local account as well in windows 8, you can sign in with the same, if still you are cant sign in then you will need to do a system restore or a system refresh. In such you can follow any of the methods mentioned below.

Please Note: While following the methods below, If you’re prompted for a password, enter the password that you used the last time you successfully signed in to your PC.

Option 1: System Restore. This option will allow you to roll your PC back to a working restore point. Any system changes made since that restore point will be lost.

  1. From the System Recovery screen, select Advanced Options.
  2. Select System Restore. Your PC will restart and prepare the System Restore experience.
  3. Choose an account name to continue and enter the last good password used on the PC.
  4. In the System Restore window, click Next and select the Show more restore points check box.
  5. If one is shown, select a restore point at or before the Webroot installation and follow the prompts to complete the system restore.
  6. When returned to the sign-in screen, if you still can’t sign in, perform the same steps and select an earlier restore point until you are able to sign in.
  7. Once signed in, we recommend you uninstall Webroot until Webroot has shipped an update to address this problem.

If you do not have any system restore points, you will need to do a system Refresh. This will restore all Windows 8 operating system files, and also backup your files and folders. Any programs installed will need to be reinstalled. This process requires you provide the original Windows 8 media that came with your computer, as well as any media you used to install other programs.

Option 2: System Refresh. This option will restore key system files. It will uninstall any third- party applications, but won’t affect personal settings and files.

1. From the System Recovery screen, select Refresh. You’ll see a screen that explains what actions will occur.

Your PC will restart and a refresh will occur. When this is completed, there will be a file saved on your desktop with a list of programs that were uninstalled. Don’t reinstall Webroot until an update to fix this problem is released, but feel free to reinstall any other programs on the list.

2. Sign in with the same password you used to start the refresh process. Once you’ve signed in, if you have changed your password online you’ll be prompted to enter that new password once Windows 8 fully loads.


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