[Solved] Fix Desktop Window Manager is Experiencing Heavy Resource Utilization

Windows Explorer and Desktop Window Manager are two important process in windows, as they are responsible for the look and feel of windows running on your PC, windows explorer is responsible for drawing the desktop and other windows controls when you do refresh or exit from a graphic intensive game and see the desktop on the other hand desktop window manager is responsible for the animations and effects you see while closing windows and launching apps and switching in between them.

In such cases when you are doing some video editing or some thing other like this which requires more graphic memory to be used, you might feel that the animations in windows during that time becomes slow and difficult to use and then some times windows explorer may crash because of this or desktop window manager executable may stop working and then you will see the following error in event viewer.


In such cases things get normal once you are done with video editing and should not happen every time, if it happens again and again you can follow the following methods below.

Increase Virtual Memory in Windows

As most of the graphic intensive programs like video editor, game etc consume a lot of memory, so to fix this you can try increasing the virtual memory to a custom size which should solve this problem, Go to Control Panel >> Performance and Management tools >> Advance tools and then select Adjust the appearance and performance of windows


and then select advanced tab and then click the change button in virtual memory area. 


Now you as shown in the image above, you can set a custom size of the virtual RAM memory.

Upgrade Graphics Driver

There are times when you can have recently upgraded your windows operating system to new windows version and if it the case with you the you should check for the graphics problem errors in event viewer as shown in the image below.


You can read our guide on how to upgrade graphic card driver on a windows pc or read specific guide on how to upgrade Nvidia graphic card drivers.

Minimize Running Programs

Last method to solve this problem is by minimizing the other programs running side by side, although this method may not be adopted for everyone but still will work most of the times for example if you are doing some video editing then you can try closing other programs which are using much memory like Internet Browser and video playback which again requires much resources. 

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