[Solved] Fix Google Chrome Hides Windows 8 Taskbar When Maximized

Recently I noticed that after the recent update in google chrome, it hides the windows 8 taskbar when I maximize the google chrome window. Even when I am running the google chrome in desktop mode and although I could see the option which says launch launch google chrome in windows 8 mode which confirms that google chrome is running in desktop mode so it should not ideally hide the taskbar in windows 8.


As the google chrome was running in full screen mode with taskbar hidden, one could not see the apps icons or access them and you can’t even see the current date time and system icons like wifi, battery and othet things like network connectivity. There are several ways to revert the google chrome behavior to old style in which it does not overrides the taskbar.

Force Google Chrome To Run in Compatibility Mode

In this method, you will need to force google chrome to run in compatibility mode to make it believe that its running in some older version of windows like windows vista or windows 7 so that it does not hide the taskbar when a user maximize the google chrome window. For this you will need to locate the executable of google chrome and set the compatibility mode, you can select the properties of the google chrome shortcut if its pointing to the google chrome exe.


Under properties you will need specify the compatibility and click ok to save the same.


you can also watch the video below to do this

Kill Windows Explorer Through Task Manager and Restart It Again

Another unusual but effective way to solve this is by restarting the windows explorer, as task manager is a part of windows explorer so it should appear above the google chrome after killing and restarting explorer through task manager.

For this you first need to launch task manager, you can launch it by right clicking on the address bar by going to the desktop


Now in task manager under process locate windows explorer and kill it.


Once killed, you can select the new task from file menu and then type explorer to restart it again.


then type explorer and click ok


For most of the users after explorer restart the task bar is shown above the google chrome window in any version of windows including windows 8, 7 and older versions.

Resize the Maximized Window of Google Chrome

The last simple easy way to get rid of this issue is to resize the google chrome maximized window to make it small and show the task bar, for this you will need decrease the width of the from the edges of the google chrome using your mouse doing the left click and then resize.


Let us know out of the methods above which one help to solve the problem in your case.


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