[Solved] Fix Google Chrome Running After Closed or Exit

There are some users of google chrome who reported that when they exit google chrome by clicking the red cross button at the right top of the browser, as these google chrome users noticed chrome.exe running when they open task manager in windows.


There is simple reason why you see chrome.exe running even after killing google chrome and quitting it. The main reason for this is background pages and background apps which keeps on running even when you close the google chrome window.

Many extensions and web apps in google chrome use background pages in order to carry out their functions. The background page is invisible to you, but it’s constantly working in the background, for example checking your mail so it can let you know when you have new messages.

In order to provide more functionality, some apps can keep running even after you close the last window of Google Chrome. These are called background apps. To indicate that a process is still running, a Google Chrome icon will appear in the system tray on Windows and the dock on Mac. When you right-click the icon, a list of running background apps will appear.


Stop Google Chrome To Run After Closing Its Window

Firstly there are some options you need to check in google chrome to verify which might be causing this to happen, first run google chrome and then go to google chrome options >> settings and then click advanced settings.


Under Advanced settings when you scroll down to the bottom of the page you will see the option of background apps when google chrome is closed – make sure this option is unchecked which says continue running background apps when google chrome is closed.


Once this option highlighted in the image above is unchecked, you should not see chrome.exe running once you close google chrome. But still if there are some instances when you see chrome.exe running after quitting google chrome, then you should select Exit under google chrome options rather than closing the google chrome window by clicking the red cross button.


This problem is normally solved when you follow the above procedure, but in case it the above ways does not solve it for you, then in some cases it happens due to enabled cloud print service or ebay extension which could be causing this, so disabling the could print feature or removing the extension will fix the problem for you. If you are facing some thing similar but the above solutions does not work for you, then you can try sharing the same through the comments section below.


  1. wow great solution πŸ˜€

    thanks a ton

    my laptop used to get full of memory mesg all the time when i used to browse the internet from chrome

    but this saved my time nd laptop really works perfect

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