[Solved] Fix Issue: Cannot Shutdown, Restart or Hibernate Windows 8

Recently some days back I noticed something really strange while I was using windows 8 on my dell laptop, when I tried to shutdown the machine it did nothing, I was on desktop and I pressed Alt+F4 to bring the shutdown menu and then selected shutdown but nothing happened irrespective of how many times I tried, I also tried Restart, Hibernate etc.

After some searching I found out some fixes for this problem but you will need to follow different methods as this problem can occur due to different reasons on different windows 8 machines, sometimes it could be due to the faulty USB drivers or over sensitive USB mouse as well which is configured to wake up the computer from sleep. Following are some methods you can choose to do shutdown when windows 8 does not shutdown or restart or even does not enter the hibernate mode.

Add Shutdown Option For Power Button

This is to make sure that power acts in the right way when you are running windows 8. For this Open Power Options by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you’re using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Search), entering Control Panel in the search box, tapping or clicking Apps, and then tapping or clicking Control Panel. In Control Panel, enter Power in the search box, and then press Enter. Tap or click Choose what the power button does and under Shutdown settings, choose the options you want to add, you should select shutdown here.


Go To Desktop in Windows 8 and Press Alt+F4

If you are getting confused with the windows 8 modern UI and some how the power option to shutdown the machine is not working there, then you can try going to desktop and then press Alt+F4 to bring the shutdown options and then you can select the shutdown from there.


Some Apps Not Letting Windows 8 To Shutdown

Many times in windows when you want to shutdown, there are apps and programs which are running in background or foreground which are not letting windows close the tasks and cause the blockage in the process of windows to shutdown, restart and hibernate.

1. Go to Control Panel >> Performance, Information and Tools.
2. On the left pane click Advanced Tools.


On the upper part of the window, just before “View advanced information about your computer’s performance” there is a small section which, in case something is wrong with windows 8, should report the following message: “Programs are causing Windows to shut down slowly” – here you will get to know which programs are causing hindrance in windows shutdown, you can later kill these apps and process associated to these programs with task manager. 

Force Shutdown Windows 8 With Command Prompt

If none of the above methods work in your case, you can forcefully issue a shutdown command for windows 8 which will make windows 8 shutdown instantly, you will first need to launch command prompts press windows + r and type ‘cmd’ [without quotes] and press enter.

Now type the following command and press enter, this way you will be able to do a force shutdown

shutdown /f /s /t 0


You can also create a desktop shortcut for the same for future use.

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