[Solved] Fix Recycle Bin Automatically Deletes Files Inside The Bin

One of our reader reported us the following problem when he noticed that the files which he soft deleted were there in recycle bin are no longer there to restore after some days of deletion, he discovers that files are getting auto deleted in recycle bin after some days.

recycle bindsfds

There are several reasons which could be behind this issue, as normally when you delete a file by pressing the delete key or selecting delete under mouse right click context menu options the file gets deleted and stored in recycle bin but it can be restored later on to the same location from where you deleted it.

Check For The Settings Which Overrides the Recycle Bin At Deletion Time

It could be a case that you might have installed a program which altered the basic settings as per which the files deleted are no longer stored in recycle bin, you should make sure that “Do no move files to the recycle bin. Remove files immediately when deleted” for recycle bin is unchecked. For this right click in recycle bin and go to properties and then check the option.

recycle bin unchecked

Make sure to verify this settings for each partition you have on your hard disk.

Don’t Use Shift Delete Files

Another way of deletion under which files get deleted permanently are difficult to recover is when you press shift + delete keys together to delete the files on the drive.

Did You Deleted File of Big Size

Each recycle bin for each drive has a custom size set which is again quite big like for a 225gb hard drive the custom space reserved for recycle bin is around 13gb but if you are deleting like 3 files 5gb each then recycle bin wont be able to hold the third file. In such case you will need to increase the custom storage size of recycle bin for that drive.

increase recycle bin size

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