[ Solved ] Fix / Repair Slow or Stopped Internet Connection After Virus or Spyware or Malware Infection


It happens with many people that suddenly notice their internet connection speed becomes very slow and unresponsive after some virus infection on their computer, some times it may be caused due to some spyware or malware infection also.


One of my friends faced a  related issue when after a virus infection the Ethernet adapter on his computer was shown as un detected device in Device Manager. For any one who does not have any technical knowledge would really found this situation helpless when internet connections got malfunction due to some virus, malware, spyware



There is a FREE utility which comes to rescue in this situation named Internet Connection Repair which can help you fix your internet connection slowness or malfunction.



Internet Connection Repair lets you fix the fix the following issues


1. Diagnose and fix the most common internet connection issues

2. Fix all the connectivity problems caused due to spyware, adware and other network problems

3. It also repairs the registry and Winsock settings for XP and Vista


Overall this is the best free utility which lets you fix the most common issues related to faulty internet connection on your computer.


Download Internet Connection Repair 

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