Fix Setup EXE Files Are Corrupted

[Solved] Fix Setup Files Are Corrupted – Please Obtain a New Copy of the Program Error

Recently I downloaded a freeware program from the original software website and I noticed the following error message while trying to install the program – “Setup Files Are Corrupted – Please Obtain a New Copy of the Program” – this error was quite strange as I never saw this type of error in windows.

setup files are currupted - setup does not run

After searching about this problem I came to know some solutions for this problem and some of them worked for me, today I will share these solutions which helped me to get away from this error in windows.

Re Download The Program From Other Location or Website

This could be some times because of the setup file you have downloaded does not seem to be verified to run in windows or they might be actually corrupted because of the server from which you downloaded these files, so if you download the same program from some other location or website or in some other form this will work for you in most of the cases.

Clean Up Temporary Files in Windows and Re Run The Setup File

As reported by some users, they were able to fix this by cleaning the temporary files in windows. You can do this simply by using windows temporary files cleaning programs and once you delete the temporary files you can try running the setup file again after restarting your computer, it should run fine without any issue this time if the setup files are not actually corrupted.


The above methods suggested has been helpful to solve the issue for most of the users, but if you still have any issues please let us know through the comment section at the end of this post. If none of the above steps worked for you, you can also try doing a system restore which may eventually fix this problem for you.


  1. I have had this error as well, just thought it was because i used a download manager as the same file downloaded with windows downloader.

  2. What setup files for what program?? I get this error that pops up on my desktop but have no idea what “setup files” in what “program” it’s talking about??

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