[Solved] Fix Windows 8 Metro Videos Player Does Not Play AVI or Some Video Files

There are times when you try to some play some videos on windows 8 and by default all the videos files will get played in windows 8 metro UI player and some videos files you will get a error saying Can’t play the video item as the video file format is not supported or in some cases the video file you are trying to play is corrupted.


Try Windows 8 Trouble Shooter To Fix Video Playback

You can try windows 8 troubleshooter automatically fixes some issues that might prevent your apps from running, including suboptimal screen resolution and incorrect security or account settings. You may download and run the troubleshooter from this page.


After some searching we came to know that this error usually because the format of the video file or the codec required to play the file is missing. Following are some solutions you can apply if you see the error like you see in the image above in windows 8.

Install The Missing Codec in Windows 8

There are lots of audio and video codecs in use today. Windows and the Player include some of the most popular codecs like Windows Media Audio, Windows Media Video, and MP3. If you want to play content that was compressed with a codec that isn’t included in Windows or the Player, you can likely download the codec you need from the Internet.

Here are some of the most common codecs that aren’t included with Windows Media Player:

  • Codecs required for Blu‑ray Discs. Blu‑ray is a patented technology, so the codecs required for playing Blu‑ray Discs can’t be included in Windows. You can search online to find an app to play Blu‑ray Discs.

  • Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC). ‌Windows Media Player can’t play Free Lossless Audio Codec files, but you can search online for apps to convert these files into a type that can be played with Windows Media Player.

  • Codecs required for Flash Video (FLV) files. ‌Windows Media Player doesn’t come with codecs to play Flash Video files.

In some 3GP files the audio doesn’t work, and you need to install new codecs.

Install Some Third Party Player To Play The Unsupported Video

If none of the solutions solved your problem when you try to play some video in default video app, you can download and install the free to use VLC Player for windows and then later on after installing you can play the unsupported video player in VLC player.


VLC player on the other hand supports most the open and closed video formats available these days used on different computers.


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