[Solved] Fix Windows PC Not Responding While Installing Updates [Applies To Windows 8 and Earlier]

Windows updates are no doubt always welcome to keep the windows working in good state and let the bugs getting fixed automatically but the times when windows 8 does not install updates but rather gets hanged while installing these updates and as we know that unless windows installs these updates it downloaded you can’t login to windows and do your any task.


It happened with me some days ago when windows 8 keep on installing windows updates and then after waiting for 15 minutes, I left the laptop idle for 2 hours and still I could see that the updates were installing at that time, I decided to find a way out and below are some solutions methods you can apply to fix this problem.

You might see any of the following error if some thing similar is happening at your end

"Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer."

"Configuring Windows updates x% complete. Do not turn off your computer."

"Please do not power off or unplug your machine. Installing update x of x…"

You might also see a "Stage 1 of 1" or "Stage 1 of 3" or a similar message as well.

Restart Your Computer

Although the updates while installing give a warning that do not turn off your computer, but restart in the cases when the PC is frozen will turn out to be the solution to the problem and updates will either reinstall and windows will login normally.

Boot Windows PC in Safe Mode

The best way to login into windows system which is stuck or hanged while installing updates or in case you want to skip installing updates you can boot in safe mode and turn off windows update temporarily, once you do this the next time you boot windows you will be able to skip windows installing updates.

System Repair

After booting in safe mode if you can do the system restore then it will help but it that does not the system repair under advanced boot options will surely help. Do let us know if none of the above method worked for you, please leave a comment tell what happened when you faced this issue, we will be in better position to help you in that case.

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