[Solved] Fix Youtube Video Made Public But Stuck In Sending To Subscribers Mode For Long Hours

Being a frequent youtube uploader my self, I have faced some issues while uploading videos on youtube if not always, recently I faced this issue in which when I made my videos public after uploading them in private mode, I noticed that the video stuck on “Sending to subscribers’ feeds”.


This happened to one of my video which was around 2Gb of upload, this symbol was on for the next 3-4 hours from the time when I uploaded and made this video public, after some searching I found the solution to this and got to know why it happened.

Reason For Video To Stuck in Sending Mode

If your video is stuck on this status for a long time, it’s probably because the video hasn’t been completely processed and isn’t available yet in all formats. For example, if you uploaded a 1920×1080 video, it may not be available in 240p yet. One might see this message if your video is on the larger size. For example, a video that is 2GB takes longer to process than a video that’s 20MB.

The best thing to do if you see this message is just wait — deleting the video and uploading the video will simply restart the processing.Some times the review of a video might take long by youtube team the best way to deal in such situations is to wait and do something else and come back later in few hours or more if you see some thing similar like this. 

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