[ Solved ] Free MSN Virus Removal Tools To Delete MSN Virus From Your Computer


We had recently received so many mails form the various user who got infected with MSN virus which spreads in a specific way, the user get a message from one of his/her contact like the one mentioned below.

Hey, is this your picture? =Z http://www.msnimages.net/images/viewimage.php?=abc@hotmail.com


Once you had clicked this type of link, you will get infected and all other msn users in your contact list will get messages like this and this chain will go on.


After some googling we found some tools to remove or delete msn virus completely from your computer. Let discuss about all these free tools to remove msn virus completely.


MSNCleaner – It is on such virus removal tool which lets you remove msn virus completely from your computer. Download the MSNCleaner from here


1. Reboot into safe mode ( Press F8 while booting to enter the safe mode and then choose the safe mode)

2. In Safe Mode go to your folder where you downloaded MSNCleaner.zip and run msncleaner.exe 3. Click the analyze button, it will automatically remove all the programs associated with your MSN  messenger

Below is a list of MSN viruses which are removed by MSNcleaner.

  • PIC1234(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1)(1).exe MSN Virus
  • Choke.exe
  • MSN Virus Project 1
  • Generic2.EXO
  • Backdoor.Generic3.SAT
  • Remove MSN virus W32.Aplore@mm
  • MSN photo virus removal DOWNLOAD fix
  • Remove cute.pif
  • W32.Kelvir.A MSN Messenger Virus
  • Remove MSN Virus IM-Names virus
  • Remove MSN Virus Project 1
  • Generic2.EXO
  • Backdoor.Generic3.SAT
  • Remove MSN virus W32.Aplore@mm

4. Reboot your computer, your computer will be free from any types of viruses.


MSN Virus Cleaner – It is another easy to use tool which lets you remove all types of msn viruses and msn worms from your computer



It will also help to remove any other threats for aol or yahoo messenger also. It will automatically erase all the applications which could be a threat for your msn messenger.


3. MSN Virus Remover – This tool removes MSN Viruses, but you will need administrative privileges to completely remove this virus. It removes various different strains of common MSN viruses


It will restore regedit, task manager, run prompt, command prompt, system restore and folder options, can also scan the external portable drives for the autorun file that could infect again.

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