[Solved] Gmail Gets Stuck In Sending A Mail With Attachment


I use Gmail a lot and send email attachment via mails at times. Sometimes I observe that it takes a long time to send emails with attachments. On the top of the Gmail Windows in my web browser, it will display message like “Sending” or “Still working” as seen below:




It may seem to you that it is some problem with the Gmail, but in real, this is a problem with either slow internet connectivity or poor upload speeds in certain cases. The status you see like the one above may stay there for a few minutes. During this time, when you see the message of Still Working or Sending, the files are actually getting uploaded from your computer to the Gmail server which takes time.


In this article we will tell you a trick with which you can avoid this confusion.


The fix for this is nothing else then a default feature of the Gmail. As soon as you attach a file to Gmail and before pressing the send button, the file upload starts to the Gmail server. This is done to save the time. There is a  flash based progress bar for the file upload which is visible in the browsers which have Flash Player Installed and enabled.


We recommend to install Flash Player for your Web Browser and then monitor the progress of your file upload using this flash progress bar as seen below:



Wait until the files are getting uploaded, this may take some time depending on your Internet connection upload speed and the file size. After the progress bar indicated that the upload is complete, simply press the Send button, and you will not see any Still working or Sending Messages because the file upload is already complete.


If you already have Flash Player in your web-browser and it is enabled, you will see this bar automatically. If this bar does not come for you, download and Install the flash player from the link below.

[Download Flash Player]


  1. I have flash installed and I do see the progress bar, but some times even this hangs in the middle. Even after waiting for 5 mins, the progress bar remains at the same position. Also if I try sending the same file through my yaho mail account, it just takes few seconds for the file to attach! I guess its gmail problem then. right? Its troublesome to use different account for attachments!

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