[Solved] Gmail Issue – X Deleted Message In Conversation or This message has been deleted. Restore message?

I access gmail from Chrome and my iPhone, now recently I noticed this strange bug as per which every time I used to look in a group email conversation going on with my friends in gmail, there was some issue as I could notice that I can see the error messages like 6 Deleted Messages in Conversation and I could see the option to restore them or delete forever.

why_i_see_x_deleted_messages_in_this_conversation d

On the other hand I Can some times see that, for some conversations it showed me error which says – This message has been deleted. Restore Message as shown in the image below.


I could not figure out the main issue behind this as I never deleted these email conversations and moreover how can one delete a email conversation which he or she has not even read. After some search I found out the solution to this problem.

As I used to access gmail emails from my iphone which used IMAP to access and read emails, so I corrected some settings in my account as indicated below and this problem has not been occurring since then. To fix this I did the following changes.

Change The Settings Gmail For IMAP

Log in to gmail in browser like chrome or firefox or any other and then go to gmail settings >> Forwarding and Pop/IMAP – Now make sure that the Pop is disabled as it might be the reason for the deleted emails and conversations and then Under the settings which says When a message is marked as deleted and expunged from the last visible IMAP folder – make sure that Archive the message is selected.


Did I Read The Conversation While Fetching on iPhone

Another possibility behind this problem is that there are chances that the email client which I use on my iphone could be responsible for this as I found under settings that once I read a conversation it used to move it to archive and this used to happen for group emails messages. 

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