[ Solved ] How To Fix Presentationfontcache.exe Using High CPU

Presentationfontcache.exe is a is a Windows Presentation Foundation Service from Microsoft Corporation belonging to .NET Framework 3. Many windows users complained about presentationfontcache.exe consuming high CPU usage.


As you know now that presentationfontcache.exe is a part of .net framework 3 and it is very much required for some applications to work properly. You should not disable it as it is highly recommended to run it.

If presentationfontcache.exe is a using very high CPU then you can try killing the process temporarily, but please note that it will start automatically after some time, you can refer our guide to block an executable to run here. Still if you want to stop presentationfontcache.exe, then you can refer some discussion here and here


  1. Mr/Ms Vishal
    You cannot get that information from the registry.
    It is located in the User’s hidden appdata folder

  2. I read on another site that PresentationFontCache is essential for Windows Vista to run properly. If that’s the case, why is it on my Windows XP Professional machine, and can I get rid of it?

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