[Solved] How To Stop IE 10 to Auto Install on Your PC or Revert to Older Version If Installed

Windows 8 is a great operating system no doubt but it has some hidden settings which may result in problem some times for some windows users who don’t like change and this includes IE version installed on their PC, I have seen pc where the basic or the default browser is only IE and they are mostly may have IE 7, 8, 9 which they never want to upgrade.

For Windows 7 users if they install windows updates, Internet Explorer 10 will be delivered to users of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 as an important update via the operating system’s automatic update feature, all this means that if you have windows updates one day after installing these updates you may realize IE has been upgraded and now you cant do anyting about.

Stop IE To Auto Upgrade

Microsoft has released a toolkit which disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 10 has been created by Microsoft to give individuals and businesses the means to block IE10 from being automatically installed on computer systems it is installed on. The Blocker Toolkit prevents the installation of Internet Explorer 10 via Windows Update and Microsoft Updates sites, but not the manual installation of the web browser, for instance by downloading it from Microsoft’s Download Center or external source.


This Blocker Toolkit is made available to those who would like to block automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 10 to machines in environments where Automatic Updates is enabled. The Blocker Toolkit will not expire.

Revert To Old IE Version After IE 10 Is Installed as Update

In case you have already updated your PC and IE 10 has been installed on your computer through windows update, you can still uninstall IE 10 and go back to the older version of Internet Explorer which was previously installed on your computer. To do this, type appwiz.cpl in Start menu search box > hit Enter key in windows 8 start menu screen, now click on view installed updates.


Under this list you will see Internet Explorer 10 right-click on the entry,  click Uninstall button. When it displays you Confirmation Prompt, click yes and after restart you will see the older version of IE running again on your computer.

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