[Solved] HP Recovery Boot Option Missing, Can’t Boot With Recovery Partition on HP Laptop

One of our user left a problem at our question answers portal thread where he said hp recovery boot option is missing in boot loader which appears he start his laptop and as he described the problem “after formatting c drive HP Recovery partition appears as before but i am unable to perform HP Recovery”

As it looks like the he has some how formatted the root C partition which holds the boot sector record may be he tried install different version of windows apart from the one which come with the hp laptop, as they new installation erases the old boot record and create a new one which does not have the option for booting to hp recovery partition. HP recovery partition allows you to do a system restore on hp laptops in case things go wrong or when you have some virus infection and system is not working properly in anyway.

HP Recovery Boot Option Missing

Ways To Fix Can’t Boot in HP Recovery Partition

Run HP Recovery Manager [ HP Certified Method ]

There are different ways to fix this problem on hp laptop, the first most simple way could be to run the hp recovery manager but this option you can use only if you have the hp recovery manager installed in the windows version you have already running on your hp laptop, to initiate the hp recovery manager press F11 at the boot time but for most of the people this option does not work neither while booting nor in hp recovery manager. However if you can boot into windows and run the installed hp recovery manager from there.

Repair The Boot Record [HP Certified Method ]

As it seems that in this problem hp recovery partition remains intact but the boot record entries get erased, so in such case you can try repair the boot record to point to the recovery partition which will be added to the new boot record and then you will see the option to boot in hp recovery partition.

1. You will need, HP USB Recovery flash disk utility which copies the original factory recovery image from the Recovery Partition to a USB flash disk that can be used to recover the notebook/laptop to its original state, you can download it from here or here, after downloading run this software to transfer the recovery image partition to USB flash drive. Please make sure that the USB Flash drive have high data capacity as in some cases the recovery image might be more than 11 Gigabytes in size, a 16 GB or 32 GB USB flash drive would be the best choice.

2. Make the USB flash drive bootable with EasyBCD utility by following this guide here, once you have created the flash drive bootable, make sure that you update the boot device priority BIOS on your hp laptop so that you can boot with it.

3. Now Run EasyBCD and add a new entry under In “Portable/External Media” Section select WinPE tab and then Point to *.WIM file located on your USB disk and click “Add Entry” button

4. Reboot your laptop, you will see the new hp recovery option as entry in modified boot record.

Another Way To Restore HP Recovery Partition [Faster]

1. Download GParted from here and burn a GParted CD using IMG burn free program.

2. Boot with this GParted disc and locate the recovery partition and set this partition with the boot flag and apply changes.

3. Close GParted and reboot the computer, and remove the disc while rebooting.

4. You will see the recovery option in boot record when you boot again.

Using Microsoft Disc Management

1. Right click on computer icon and select Manage >> Disc Management

2. Now locate the partitions on the disc and right click on HP Recovery” partition and select “Mark as Active Partition”

3. When the warning prompt appears, select “Yes” – Reboot your hp laptop and it will automatically boot into the Recovery partition.

If none of option works, then you can try getting a recovery disc from at this link or chat with HP support here. If you face any issues in implementing the above methods please let us know through comments. In case you want to know how to use recovery manager on hp laptop, once you have booted in recovery partition, read here to know more.


  1. when i start my PC i dont get the option to enter BIOS setting. Furthermore i cant find the key for boot selection(i.e to boot from HD, CD/DVD or other drives)

    please help me with this problem urgently as the PC i am using is official.


  2. I only have one option and that option is run computer checkup, and when I click on it, it has the open command prompt option…. So plzzz help me

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