[Solved] Install Windows 8 or 7 With Mac Os Mountain Lion or Earlier with Bootcamp From USB Drive

In the computing world, those who use windows love it and those who use mac os love it even more, I have seen many users who just love both the platforms these types of users are normally referred as GEEKS, I am one of those who would like to run both windows and mac ox on my macbook pro if it supports the same.

Bootcamp Assistant Does not Detect Windows Disc In Superdrive

The other day when I decided to install windows 7 on my macbook pro which is old mid 2009 model, I faced the problem as this time the super drive on my macbook was pretty old so when I inserted the windows 7 setup disc the bootcamp assistant was not able to detect the same, then I decided to install the windows 7 from the USB Drive, I transferred the setup files of windows to $ GB USB drive using the microsoft Windows 7 DVD To USB tool 

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Bootcamp Assistant Does Not Support Installing Windows From USB Drive

As bootcamp assistant I had installed on my mac os x lion did not detected the USB Drive as installer for windows, as it was expecting a windows DVD rather but due to faulty Superdrive DVD reader on my macbook it could take the installation further which prevented me to create a windows partition named BOOTCAMP where windows could get installed in DUAL boot mode.

After much searching and effort, I found out a solution as per which I have to create a BOOTCAMP partition manually in Mac OS X using the Disk Utility rather than Bootcamp Assistant and then restart holding alt/Option key and choosing the Windows USB key install image as the drive to boot from.

Create Bootcamp Partition Manually Using Disk Utility

I booted in mac os x and then locate the Disk Utility tool in applications and ran the same

disk utlity mac os x

I selected the Hard drive and then click on the Partition under disk utility.

Create Bootcamp Partition

Now you need to select 2 partitions under the partition layout dropdown and then Name the partition as BOOTCAMP [ make sure all in caps ] and then select the format as MS-DOS (FAT) and then choose the size as per your preference, this way the existing mac os x partition will get shrink automatically to adjust with BOOTCAMP partition where you can install windows 7 or 8 later on. Once the partition preferences are set, click apply button to start the process.

Once partition has been created to install windows, plug in the USB Drive which has windows setup files and when you hear the startup Chime sound press Option / Alt key until you see the Yellow colored Windows Partition which you need to select to start the windows installation.

windows installation on mac os 

Now the windows setup will start and you need to select the BOOTCAMP and then select advanced option and then format so that partition can now be formatted to NTFS which is required to install windows 7 or 8 on it, rest of all the steps will be same as you see in any other windows installation.

Please Note: Once windows is installed on your macbook, you will need to press the option / alt key to boot into windows 7 or 8 or you can also make windows to boot default on macbook.


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