iPhone Not Showing in My Computer, iPhone Icon Missing in Windows

[Solved] iPhone Not Showing in My Computer, iPhone Icon Missing in Windows Explorer


This is one of the problem related to my iPhone 3G I had been facing since last 2-3 months, after I jail-broke my iphone second time and upgraded iTunes on my computer, now the iphone data cable had become quite old but it is properly functional after some days of jail-breaking, I started facing this issue on and off. When my iphone even after proper connection with the USB cable with computer, it does not appear with the other drives in My Computer.

Suddenly I started facing this issue when my iphone does not show up under my computer with the drives and although iphone is detected in iTunes but does not display as drive in my computer. This is a great problem as I cannot transfer my camera captured pictures on my iphone in the camera roll folder to my computer hard disk.

I Googled about the problem and came to know this problem could be due to Mobile Device Driver service installed with apple iTunes is not running or you might need to restart the service to make your iphone show up in windows explorer as driver. This is the crucial service which should be running when you connect your iphone to your computer to transfer pictures.

Here are all the possible solutions to the iphone not detecting in my computer


Method 1: Fixing Mobile Device Driver Service

1. Open Start Menu >> Run and type services.msc and press ok [ this will open up services ] 2. Locate the service named Mobile Device Driver
3. Double click the service to open properties

4. In the “general” tab find the “startup type” drop-down arrow menu and make sure “automatic” is selected.

5. Also see the general tab to check the “service status”. If it does not say “started” then click the start button to start the service and connect your phone again and click apply.

Note: If the above procedure does not helped in your case, then try restarting the service

Method 2: Solve Through Device Manager

1. Go to My Computer >> Manage and click Device Manager in the left tab.

2. Click Portable Devices >> Apple iPhone >> Uninstall

3. Unplug and plug your iPhone, now wait for windows to re recognize your iPhone [In Device Manager, you will see the new recognized Apple iPhone]

4. Press F5 to refresh your windows explorer and your Apple iPhone will show up with a camera icon.

In my case none of the above method worked, but I want to copy camera taken pictures but there was no way to do it. Even my iphone was recognized with iTunes but it does not allow to transfer the camera pictures πŸ™ and then I figured out my own way of transferring images.

Follow the procedure to do the same, make sure that your iphone is connected to your computer with iphone data cable

1. Download DiskAid which is a free iPhone Explorer [ Lets you explore your iphone files and folder ]

2. Install and Run DiskAid it will automatically detect iphone and navigate to the camera photos folder on your iphone

root >> var >> mobile >> media >> DCIM >> 100APPLE or XXXAPPLE folder.

( as shown in the image below )


( click the image above to enlarge )

3. Right click any image and select Copy to PC and select a folder to copy these images, that’s it . This way you can copy the images from iphone camera roll folder when you iphone does not show in my computer.


  1. Thanks! DiskAid was the answer for me. I had just about given up on finding a solution for this.

    You rock!

  2. Brilliant thanks – but I would really like to see my phone show up in My Computer – none of the suggestions work – in fact the phone does not show up as a portable device – any more ideas?

  3. Hey

    Thanks for the detailed step by step stuff.

    I tried option 1, nothing.

    Option 2, well, I don’t have an iPhone option in my portable devices thing in disk manager…wtf?

    I’ll download diskaid but in the meantime, help!

  4. I had the same problem but none of these worked for me. After about the 5th time on the phone with Apple Tech support the head tech guy finally figured it out. If you go through your photo roll and there are photos that you DIDN’T take with your iphone such as saving pics from e-mails and mms then make sure you have copies of those somewhere and then delete them off your roll. Since they wasn’t taken by your phone when you go to plug up to your computer it has a hard time reading the phone. I had quite a few of them on there but once I deleted them and plugged my phone up the import option popped up and the icon was on “my computer”. It had worked before with saved pics on there but I guess I just had too many.

  5. Not sure if this is just an ad for diskaid or not but just want to say thanks to Cisco for the comment. So far nothing has helped and for the first time in 2 months I can get my photos off my phone (no more slow syncs either!) – lifesaver!

  6. Cisco! That was it! Thank you! I deleted some images created in AutoDesk Sketchbook Express and PhotoShop Mobile apps, and the problem was solved. Awesome, this was driving me nuts!

  7. Thanks cisco77566 your solution worked a treat. My iphone has only recently not shown up in ‘my computer’, the last 2 photos on my roll were downloaded off an email, after deleting them it all started working again. Unreal, apple should really sort this out.

  8. Hi i have the same problem i went throw method 1 and 2 also i deleted my all photo on my iphone still nothing changed, my iphone won’t show up on itune or my pc at all , it does charge me phone when i plug it to the wall , but not to the pc

  9. I had this exact same problem. im currently running windows 7.
    I simply turned my Iphone off while connected to the computer. and turned it back on again! it then showed up.
    good luck!

  10. FIXED IT!!!!! There has to be at least one photo in the Camera Roll in order for it to be recognized. take a photo and when you plug it back it it should work.

  11. you must have 100 or less pictures in you camera roll for a PC to recognise the device.

  12. Author

    I don’t agree with you, I have more than 1200 Photos in camera roll of my iPhone and its shows up well every time.

  13. Thank you Thank you Thank you for the info this really heip i tried other thing people said to do and this is the only thing that helped !!!!!!!

  14. Cisco, it worked like a charm. I have been cussing my computer for hours & that’s all it took. If you’re ever around Raleigh, NC I definitely owe you a beer.

  15. deleting the email downloaded pics worked fine like a magic. thanx guys

  16. Hey people ok ya the methods he give are great but another peoblem for it not working is that u have no photo taking from the camera on the iphone the photo u up from itunes wont leave the apple to pop up!!

  17. i cannot find the “Mobile Device Driver” for method 1 and “Portable devices” for method 2….. tried diskaid, installed and run diskaid, cannot find “root >> var >> mobile >> media >> DCIM >> 100APPLE or XXXAPPLE folder.” only hv the “Start here” folder……. nothing i can do πŸ™

  18. Option 2 worked for me but it didn’t appear as “Portable devices” in device manager, it was “USB controllers” and it wasn’t “Apple iPhone” it showed up as “Apple mobile device USB Driver”.
    But aside from that it’s the same. You hit uninstall with it plugged in, unplug/replug and it detects. It also lets you keep the images that you have used PSM on or downloaded from web/email.

  19. OK I found an answer that worked well for Win 7 that doesn’t require you to delete any photos from your phone…

    1) plug the iPhone into your USB Port.
    1a) allow the iPhone to backup and Sync.
    2) Goto Device Manager
    2a) Right Click on Computer, Left Click Manage, select Device manager
    3) open Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    4) Uninstall Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    5) Unplug iPhone from the Computer
    6) Plug the iPhone back into the Computer (the driver will reinstall)
    7) Go back to Device Manager
    8) Look under Portable Devices
    9) Uninstall the β€œUnknown MTP device” (if exsists)
    This is the Media Transfer Protocol
    (this is responsible for iPhone being recognized as a drive/camera)
    10) Click Menu “Action”.
    11) Click Scan for hardware changes.

    The iPhone will now be in the device manger as a Portable Device and the import Media dialog should now work.

  20. Cisco you are a lifesave thanks for sharing your fix, worked for me πŸ™‚

  21. Hi, Unfortunately none of these methods work for me. I have installed DiscAid, but it also does not recognize my iPhone.
    It says that iTunes is not installed, please install and connect iPhone. I have installed iTunes 9.1.0.xxxx for my 64 bit Windows 7.

    Kindly let me know if you have any other solution for this.


  22. Wow thanks alot! Just updated my iTunes today and when i plugged the phone in windows wouldn’t display it. Was worried that it was Apple’s way of combatting jailbreaking or something
    The second tip with device manager worked perfectly…couldn’t get the first to work at all


  23. Just take a new picture with your Iphone and then plug it in and that should work.. let me know what happens.. it worked for me..

  24. hi
    I ve tried all the options but nothing works for me either.i thought that scanner and camera wizard woul do the trick,but i have win 7 so thats no good…
    The DiskAid does not recognize my IPhone,and im really stuck…
    let me know if anyone tries something else,
    thanks Kathy

  25. Just figured out the reason why it didn’t show up. The guy who mentioned talking to the apple guy, you gave me an idea. So I realized the “Apple Iphone” driver wasn’t installed and since that guy figured it had something to do with the camera, I took a picture, and reconnected my iPhone. The result was shocking!!! LOL It installed Apple iPhone driver and windows 7 finally recognized my iphone as removable storage.

  26. Thanks Cisco!
    After several hours of trying, it finally works!

  27. I’ve read through all the threads and suggestions, tried a few and stopped as my problem seems to be a little different. I am using a Windows 7, when i connect my iphone to the usb, a dialogue box pops up saying “One of the USb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it”
    Anybody experienced this kind of a problem? How did you solve it? I have a lot of pics from previous synching (when it worked), from apps cameras, and some from webcams.

    Pliz help. I haven’t synched my iphone for months now.

  28. hi i have an iphone 2g . the iphone is disable and its to connect to itunes .when i do that iphone dosent show up and my computer also .then i went device manger to see if its showing up and it is but as a mass storage device than when i unistall it and the reinstall it still says the same thing mass storage device. and then i right click it to see if it needs to be updated when i do that cant find update and i called apple they said they dont know whats causing the issue and also when i turn off the iphone and the turn it on and while holding down the home button and the i press slider to call about 3-5 seconds and then the main place were the apps are located at shows up for 1 sec. and then its back in disable mode again . plz help

  29. This was an easy fix and it doesn’t require DiskAid or anything else. Basically, go into your device manager, right-click on the device and select Troubleshoot (Windows 7) or update (Other versions). It will update the driver for your device and it then be recognized on your PC. Doesn’t matter how many pictures you have. It doesn’t matter if you take pics from your phone or from another program, and you DON’T have to install a third-party program. Hope it helps.

  30. Cisco, you ROCK!! Hours of trying a zillion different methods, and yours was so simple – and worked!

  31. Cisco

    you are right

    There is something fishy about copying attached pictures into the camera roll
    I had the same problem described by 2 or 3 people
    That is My iPhone was recognized by itunes
    But I could not see it in my windows XP explore ( which I USED TO SEE SOMETIME EARLIER)
    I could not see it as imaging devices or portable device in my device manager
    I tried # 1 solution of uninstalling the apple portable usb driver, reinstalled it
    It did not solve the problem
    I could not try solution # 2 as portable device or image device was not seen in
    device manager to uninstall and re-install.
    I downloaded 14 day free trial Diskaide
    The first time I ran it it said I had to have jailbroken iPHone to view the root
    Nothing else showed up
    Then I ran it again . This time I could see the pictures and video in my iPhone
    under DCIM-Apple-photo folder
    I was able to transfer the files one by one (yes you can’t transfer a bunch of files)
    Once I got the important files saved, I deleted the email transferred pictures ( most of the recent ones)
    from my iPhone
    And that did the trick
    When I connected the iPhone the icon was seen in explore and device manager as well
    We have to figure out what sequence causes it not to be recognized
    Is it the number of photos transferred from email to camera roll at one time?
    or does one has to take some snapshots using iPhone camera periodically
    after you transfer files from the email attachment?
    Or the problem shows up after a certain number of pictures
    are transferred.
    I don’t think the magic number of 100 is true ( I can’t say for sure)
    So there seems to be a tipping point at which further transferring of pictures
    from the email attachment into camera roll will cause problem with
    the disappearance of the iphone icons in explore and device manager as well
    Don’t bother calling Apple for help
    They charge /call if you have had iPhone for more than 3 months
    We sort of need to do some trial and error and figure it out

    So Cisco
    Thanks a ton for having stumbled upon a solution (deleting the transferred files from email)
    Diskaide is not free but you can try it for 14 days
    It does help you in transferring the pictures to your computer
    You must run it at least twice to get it going
    So precious files can be transferred safely before you delete them from your iPhone


    Does anyone know how to how to transfer a video file into camera roll
    if it is received as an attachment via email?
    When you save it it saves it somewhere and it plays it instantly
    without loading it , but it is not saved in camera roll.
    However with the pictures they get stored in the camera roll

    Anyone knows anything about it?

    Thanks Cisco


  32. THANK YOU! DiskAid was the answer for me since nothing else worked. Now I have my camera roll on my PC!!

  33. tried everything. recognized by itunes, not explorer in vista. method 1:fail, method 2:doesn’t exist. Then tried DiskAid although I think its crazy that Apple hasn’t released a fix for this issue. When googling I found out a lot had the same problem without one good fix. Well, backed up my photos with DiskAid. Then, suddenly i saw a picture I could’nt remember having taken. Deleted it, voila….now it turns up in explorer. Thanks!!!!

  34. I struggled all day yesterday and finally came up with a solution.
    Just delete all the photos in camera roll which you received from mms or email. Then you should find everything works fine.

  35. Thanks for the huuuuge help everyone! I was about to chuck my netbook out the window! I installed, uninstalled, booted and rebooted like a mad person and nothing worked until I found you all. Thanks for helping me keep whats left of my sanity!

    xoxo A.F

  36. Thank you so much for your article! I had searched and searched for solutions and couldn’t find one until now! what a lifesaver!

  37. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This worked!!

    I don’t care if this is an add for DiskAid or not, this fixed my problem. I presume it was a bad or strange image or video in my camera roll as my wife and I swap files all the time. Tried steps one and two with no success. DL’d DiskAid and was finally able to get my photos and videos off my phone. Still couldn’t see my phone in My Computer so I deleted all of the images and videos off of my phone per the tip I read above (about 2.4 G worth). Then, after taking a single photo and rebooting my phone My Computer saw my phone again!! YAYY!!!!

    Only downside is that I had to pull all of the images off of my phone, but I really needed to clean it up anyway, and this way forced me to get my crap together.

    Thanks Cisco!!

  38. Thanks Cisco

    Definately my problem, won’t be downloading photos from emails from now on, i’ll leave that til i get to my PC!!

  39. Just a thought… why hasn’t someone made a “how to” on this subject before rather than having to look at the comments??? i know ive been to this page before and didn’t even bother with the comments… my mistake… πŸ™ but there would have to be people out there that tried everything in the how to and ended up destroying whatever they were holding when they realised it only worked after you rebooted your pc once

  40. WOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU CISCO! My phone was showing up no problem but my husband’s iPhone wouldn’t, and on the same computer. I knew it had to be his device. Your solution worked wonderfully!

  41. OMG! This is it! I’ve looked for days and nothing worked, not even options 1 & 2 but finally CISCO had the answer I’ve been looking for! All I had to do was delete 4 of the photos saved from emails and my phone was recognized as a camera once again. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU CISCO!!!

  42. I installed Disk Aid, it never recognized my iPhone 3G, Just added junk installation requirements & offers for others crap not needed…

    THANK U MUCH!!!…

  43. Option 2 worked great! I could not find the mobile device service in the services, but after removing and reinstalling out of device manager worked like a charm

  44. I’m about to be a life saver for all of you.

    None of these things worked for me, and I wasn’t about to go and start deleting important photos I saved from MMS and emails.

    Anyways, the solution. iFunBox. Works perfect everytime! Save yourselves a whole lot of hassle.

    Click download, and save to desktop or folder.
    Open program
    On the left side double click your iPhone, then click Camera, then click transfer to PC. Choose where to transfer and you are done.


  45. Solved !!! Error Code 19 in Device Manager for Digital Camera (Iphone)

    I tried all of the above and many other “solutions” but found my answer here http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/04/28/how-to-fix-unable-to-install-scanner-or-imaging-devices-due-to-registry-incomplete-or-damage-code-19/

    If you have had a logitech webcam installed on your PC it leaves a registry entry that confilcts with the IPhone resulting in the Iphone appearing as a Digital Camera in Device Manager with a yellow exclamation mark.

    The suggested fix to the registry means I now have the Iphone in my explorer window after 3 months of trying πŸ™‚

  46. After days of research to no avail, #3 worked for me! Mahalo!!!

  47. I was having the same problem and it was really confusing me. I did exactly what Francisco did and it worked perfectly. All I did was disconnect the phone from my computer and I took a photo with my phone, closed the camera and then reconnected it, and boom it appeared as a storage/camera device on windows. Getting my videos and pictures as we speak! Thank you Francisco!!!

  48. I also was having this problem. Extremely frustrating!! I tried all of the above suggestions and finally had success with Francisco’s suggestion. The confusing thing for me is that I didn’t have any photo’s from emails or mms saved to my phone for it to cause it.

  49. i tried all methods but the only one that worked was the disk aid!
    thanks a million!! cheers

  50. Im using window 7, i deleted all my pictures in camera roll. after that randomly tk a pic, then connect ur phone to your computer and The drive will appear in my computer again!

  51. Hi i’ve problem in my iphone 3gs ..last time i updated some data from cydia .after that reloading msg on my iphone screen .my iphone sucked .now it’s on but Not showing display πŸ™ what can i do please help me in this problem .:(

  52. CISCO77566 this worked for me , Just delete your mail pics from your pic folder and it will work again

  53. iFunBox Works like a magic. I think the problem I had is definitely having too many downloaded photos, but I don’t want to just delete them. iFunBox allows transferring of multiple files all at once, and very fast! It also does not require installation, extremely green… Thanks a lot Tracy!

  54. hi all. i have the same problem now.
    this morning i synched my iphone. But today i downloaded 150 pics via 3g.
    But now when i attach the iphoe, itunes sees the iphone, synchronizes it but i cant see iphone as a disk in windows explorer, and i cant move my pics to my pc.
    btw disk aid, pics aid and ifunbox.exe didnt help.

  55. 10 mins back everything was fine. Now both iTunes and windows do not detect my 3g running 3.1.2 and a blackra1n jb. The iPhone doesn’t even charge while docked to my laptops!!!
    Method 1 didn’t work. Method 2 failed cuz iPhone not detected.

    Weirdly Wall chargers on the same USB cable are working just fine.
    Can anyone help out?! Is this a hardware issue cuz I can not reboot my iPhone thanks to the tethered blackra1n jailbreak m running.

  56. I have a similar problem (but unfortunately no solution). I just upgraded my iTunes to ver. 10 and my iPhone is 3G. Now the iPhone is not detected as an iPhone in iTunes, and in Explorer I notice the iPhone is detected as a camera?! What can I do?? My intention is to upgrade to a iPhone 4 and coincidentally to a new computer/laptop as well , but I’m afraid I’ll get more headache unless I first resolve the current issue on my current iPhone and current laptop.

  57. I had the same problem on Windows 7. I checked in “Devices and Printers” and the Iphone was showing with a sign saying it wasn’t working correcly. So I tried the troubleshooter directly from there and It worked ! It really solves the problem everytime it’s not detected.

  58. Talked to Apple Care. They said they changed it so that your phone does not show up like a drive or camera/device. All you have to do is download a program like Picasa or Diskaid. Then you should be right back to normal. Just use the program to download your pics to your computer. Picasa even made my drivers work properly.

  59. Laptop(hp vista and MacBook pro) both don’t detect the phone via USB. It doesn’t charge iTunes doesn’t detect. Methods 1&2 didn’t work for me.
    Soln:-Enter into recovery mode by holding power n home button for few secs,release power button n hold home button. Screen now displays a cable n says connect to iTunes. iTunes will now detect n contact apple server to update/restore . At this point u can run ur jb(in my case blackra1n) or update n restore!!!

  60. I have the same problem on XP. The device is not recognised at all. Have tried Picasa and Diskaid and neither see the device even though the drivers are all OK. I haven’t restored the device yet as I have 75 photos fow work I need to back up first. Has anyone got any ideas at all? Surely it shouldn’t be this hard to get a photo off of a mobile!!!!!!

  61. @claire -After entering recovery mode, when you restore iTunes will prompt you to take a backup. The backup will store ur notes, camera roll and not synced photos and applications themselves. But it restores 3 rd party app data n stock app data(eg-notes)
    Restoring to original factory settings is the best way to fix any software issues.

    You will be in a fix if u intend to unlock and jailbreak after an update as there is no jb n unlock for 4.0.2 firmware yet.

  62. I just bought a new laptop with windows 7 64 bit i downloaded i tunes so i could sync my iphone to it my laptop does not recognize my iphone and neither does itunes does anyone know what i can do to fix this.

  63. Try deleting the pictures you may have received via email and then saved, one by one,
    starting from the one you transferred last.
    After you delete a few, try to reconnect your iPhone
    At some point it may show up in the Windows explorer.

    This has happened to me several times
    So I periodically check it after I save some pictures
    that I get via email.

    I upgraded my OS to 4.0 still I experince the problem if I don’t check it out periodically
    You don’t have to delete the pictures taken with the iPhone camera
    Only the ones that are transferred from the email

    Hope this works


  64. iPhones generally do not get detected by windows and iTunes due to driver installation issues. if the easy fixes listed above do not work try this:

    1. type cmd into the start menu search box, and then use Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open in administrator mode. (You can also right-click on the command prompt and choose Run as Administrator)
    2. paste this line below :
    3.Then type in devmgmt.msc to start up Device Manager from the administrator command prompt
    4 In Device manager — from menu click View>show hidden devices
    5. look for “apple mobile device driver” in this life. right click and update. if update fails only then reinstall the driver.

    below link gives details on update an reinstalling usb driver! good luck! if all else fails and iTunes does detect iphone in “recovery mode” then restore/ update your ios.


  65. i was trying to follow the steps but my computer is on a japanese txt could you please teach me the short-cut key for this. for example opening file F is being underline. please help!

  66. Problem Solved!
    I had this problem, everything else except the iPhone worked fine. After some checking, it was noticed that the 5 Volt line feeding the USB port was nearer to 6 Volts. The problem was with the main PC power supply. The solution was to change to power supply and all was well. It seem the iPhone must check for an over voltage from the USB and if too high then will just not turn on. Modern mother boards do not consume much power on the 5 Volt line and therefore cheaper power supply units (PSU) tend to over-volt a little but should not reach nearly 6 Volts.
    This can easily be checked with a volt-meter, back off PC, and find a spare ‘chunky’ 4 way connector, normally feeding the hard-drives. Measure the voltage across one of the black wires and the red wire which should be between say 4.5 and 5.5 Volts.

  67. All the above didn’t fix it for my 3GS (iOS4). I fixed it like this:

    – plug iPhone in & rename it via iTunes
    – unplug & plug it back in, the iPhone get’s now properly recognized


  68. Finally got my iPhone 3G to show up in “My Computer” again. I had upgraded to ISO 4.0 on the iphone from itunes. All I had to do was take a picture with the iPhone and plug it back into the computer via the USB cord. And “BOOM” it showed up instantly!!! Thanks for the Help and ALL the input. This worked by the way on Windows Vista.

  69. Here’s yet another solution…

    If you have a SD card inserted in your computer (say from a digital camera) remove it, and then plug in your iPhone. That trick for me made my iPhone digital camera pop up in windows explorer again.

  70. If your iphone USED TO show up in My Computer and now it doesn’t, perhaps you need to update your Apple mobile device USB driver (go to Device Manager, right click on the driver and tell it to update the driver).

  71. Hey I had this exact problem.

    I’ve been trying SOOOO hard to fix this without spending money on anything.

    I did what alot of the advice says to do and more (Looked into firewall settings for both Norton 360 and windows firewall)

    Sometimes APPLE IPHONE would show up in Portable devices, but most of the time there was no category for Portable devices at all.

    Once it detected a problem with the mobile driver, I hit troubleshoot, it reinstalled it, and I FOUND MY IPHONE AGAIN! (Until I logged off, then it was gone again)

    So in the end, I went with Disk Aid and it worked, but its a 14 day trial…

    Once my trial is up I’ll try deleting all of my web pictures (which is probly like 200 pics)

  72. Thanks so much i been looking forever for a way to extract since i hit windows 7 disk aid was defiantly amazing you rock

  73. Alternate Solution: I had the same problem and tried some of the solutions mentioned above, none worked. I installed Ubuntu in my machine and I was able to access all my photos.

  74. Thanks so much! I just used Sn0wbreeze 2.0.1 to jailbreak my iphone 3gs and the pictures were not showing up on my camera reel. Yet when i looked at itunes, it showed that space in my iphone’s memory was occupied my photos! I tried the methods you first mentioned but my iphone was not showing up on my computer. Diskaid allowed me to locate the photos that were indeed on my phone and copy them to my laptop. I’m so happy that I didn’t lose almost 600 pictures and videos.

  75. Thanks! DiskAid was the answer for me. I had just about given up on finding a solution for this.

  76. hey Disksid worked for me… i really did not know what to do but disksid helped me and specially this website…. thanks a lot…..

  77. awesome! the first method worked for me after hours of searching! Yaay πŸ™‚

  78. I have had iPhone 16GB 1.5 yrs just bought several apps from store but computer dies not recognize phone anymore can order, get acct. Info but can’t download what I bought a week ago!! Can’t view my apps on line at all, tried to download on phone told I need to update to 4.1 (?) computer have been updated but computer want accept my phone!!! Where do I begin? Thanks in advance!! Need my apps I purchased!

  79. hello guys, i just tryed one of the options given above, i have a Jailbreak Iphone running 4.2.1 and all i had to do was dissconnect , take a new pic, connect again and it did it. and wow, lots of responces. people helping people. i like it. πŸ™‚

  80. Another solution that worked for me.

    Go to control panel. Go to uninstall programs. Look for something named libusb, or similar. Uninstall, reboot the computer, and the phone should be detected.

    Worked for my jb 3G without having to delete and of my downloaded/MMS received photos.

    (I tried step 2 and it didnt work, but after deleting libusb, it showed up just fine in device manager (previously there was an error)).

  81. I had this exact same problem; running windows Vista
    Followed Megan’s suggestion…worked like a charm. I simply turned my Iphone off while connected to the computer. and turned it back on again! it then showed up.
    Happy New Year everyone :))

  82. My solution was simple enough. After all the fiddling with finding services, etc. I simply plugged my cable into another USB port on my laptop and hey, presto … my iPhone was once again recognised on My Computer.

  83. This is a great article – I was able to fix it by following Mario’s solution. Thanks.

  84. Here’s my take, My Iphone wouldn’t show up in ‘my computer’ after I’d set a downloaded ‘photo as lock screen photo. Changed it to one from ‘photo roll (a picture I’d imported, not even one I’d taken) and lo and behold as soon as I plugged it back in it showed up again! Hope this helps too!

  85. Hi, I reaaally need help, I just got a new laptop windows 7 64bit, I plug in my iphone, windows and itunes is not able to detect it, I’ve tried everything. And also I do not have apple mobile device in device manager, please help me!

  86. thanks for an advise, i follow way 2 for reinstalt now i can transfer pic frm my iphone4 to pc
    thanks so much..

  87. OMG thank you so much from the very bottom of my heart. Truly you are my hero. I had 1,663 photos of my newborn baby on my iphone and I could not get them to my computer. You are the absolute best x 1,000 !!!!!
    I can fall asleep with the biggest smile on my face tonight πŸ™‚

  88. For me, the solution turned out to be removing a Logitech Camera Driver. Went to Add/Remove Programs and removed Logitech Camera Driver. Even before the remove was complete, XP detected the iphone4. So much for plug and play … plug and pray … plug and spend your day troubleshooting. It seems evident Apple doesnt do a whole lot of QA on XP systems. Logitech is not exactly a no-name camera manufacturer.

  89. I had over 2000 photos i wad stressing on how to get them OFF phone. Ifunbox did it for me. I tried nearly ALL suggestions including the postings. What a relief

  90. so i fixed the iphone from not popping up on my laptop win 7 x64 and the reason was that it wasnt reconnizing the drivers so what you have to do is:
    1)open my computer
    2) click system properties
    3) open device manager
    4) click on view and click show hidden devices
    5)click portable devices and ur iphone will be under that tab
    6) right click and click update drivers
    7) let it search for the driver itself and it should pop up after

  91. Hey, I had the same problem with my iphone 4/windows 7 x64. The iphone would not get recognized (Unknown device in device manager). Also the battery charging icon does not appear when connected thro USB to my laptop (It actually charges though). From wall charger, it charges as usual. Tried installing Apple mobile device drivers, restarted the service, laptop, iphone and everything proved futile. At last I connected my iphone to my office pc running XP SP3. It immediately reckoned my device as a camera. Just disconnected it, took home and plugd in my laptop and WOW it worked. Did not delete any photos from my iphone.

  92. Cisco was right with his method, although what it seems to be is if you last photo on your reel is not one taken by your phone i.e. copied from email or something then this prevents it from showing up.
    All you need to do is delete this “non iphone” pic and then the device will show up in your device manager and also in “my computer”
    No need at all for disk aid.

  93. I used Mario solution and from device manager found in Windows 7 that un update DRIVER made the trick.


  94. hey everyone i js bought a new jail-breaked iphone with 4.2.1 version, when i connect my phone via usb with my PC which is running on Windows XP i do see the iphone icone in “my computer” (with camera icon) i can transfer images but my iphone does not appear in itunes….WHAT SHOULD I DO PLEASE HELP….tried updating,uninstalling, re-installing all the drivers of iphone through USB controller, service manager, device manager…PLEASE HELP ME OUT HERE….THIS PROBLEM IS REALLY ANNOYING!!!

    1. Author

      Make sure you have latest version of iTunes, some older versions don’t work with 4.2.1 firmware.

  95. purdygirl- taking a picture worked for me as well. Previously Vista recognized the iphone once, then when I removed it and reattached it did not recognize it again. I took a picture, re-attached it and sure enough it recognized the iphone on the PC.

  96. Rohit i have the latest version on skype…. some one just told me abt the DFDU driver or something… ny help would be highly appreciated…. Thank You.

  97. Cisco’s answer did it for me… nothing else worked!! I didn’t want to download DiskAid so don’t know if that works or not!
    But a BIG thank you to Cisco for solving this one for me πŸ™‚

  98. oh..HELP!..
    i have a 3g 8gig….worked fine previously, connected to itunes etc…..after having a problem i found this page…. i have windows xp
    the ONLY thing i can think i have done was download pics from a email…ok so i deleted them off phone, took a new pic via camera and have followed all the above info from cisco and others (with exception of using diskaid so far)
    and ive disabled it in imaging devices and unistalled/reinstalled/updated driver under universal serial bus controllers…
    the iphone IS recongnized as being plugged in if i have it enabled under imaging devices, but itunes wont recognize to sync…ive read all the posts above, and still cant seem to find the right answer……PLEASE HELP.

  99. having a prob .. while connecting my iphone with pc (having windows xp)
    i phone is connected as a camera , and it does not appear in i tunes … i am having the latest version of the same what to do??pls help

  100. I’ve been screwing around with this since the upgrade to iTunes 10. (I have a 3GS) and the phone would show in windows as a camera, but not in iTunes. I would do all the driver updates, uninstall and reinstall intunes, etc. I would sometimes get it to connect, and then the next time I sync’d the same thing. I just read a post someone did that solved my issue. I just disabled the internet on my laptop, and my phone showed up in itunes. I tested if 4 or 5 times, and that’s what it was. If I turned off the wireless connection on my laptop first, my phone showed up. If I turned it back on after it showed up, it stayed connected.

  101. Thanks Dude, Worked like a charm! (uninstalling the driver then reinstalling.)

  102. Had the same issue.. tried the trick about unplug, take a new photo, plu & resync and it worked like a charm.


  103. Hi All

    Please can someone advise? I spent 4 hours on the phone to Apple Support yesterday and they can’t fix my problem. I have plugged my phone into my computer and it registers on itunes BUT a message keeps coming up saying Devise driver software was not successfully installed, digital still camera failed – code 19. I have uninstalled and reinstalled all apple applications (advised by apple support including itunes) done all the things to do with device manager etc and still nothing. I just want to transfer my photos taken by my iphone 3gs on to my computer….please help before I go madddddddddddddddddd!!! thanks

  104. I plugged my Iphone into the PC and it charges Via USB but does not show up in MyComputer, So I left it plugged in went into DEVICE MANAGER, Under the USB section I right clicked and Uninstalled the Apple USB driver and re-plugged the phone in and it worked again.

  105. Great!!! had same problem… and “Method 2: Solve Through Device Manager” worked for me…
    Thx for saving my time…

  106. Omg thank you so much. I haven’t been able to import my pics for months now and I tried everything I could think of and I have tried several other things people posted but they didn’t work. But now thanks to you it works now… Yay!! Thanks for taking the time share the info with all of us not so computer savvy people!! πŸ™‚

  107. omg took a picture and replugged the iphone and it worked! LOL amazing πŸ˜€ thanks!

  108. Yes it works for a while, but then you have to start paying for it, to carry on using it!!

  109. Thanks SOOO much for the tip in taking a new pic! Worked perfectly! I am currently uploading my pics πŸ˜€ YAY!!!!!!!!!

  110. Neither my iPhone 4 nor my Zune would connect with my Windows 7 64-bit machine… and have been scouring the internet for ideas for days.

    FINALLY, A FIX! (for me, anyways)

    Follow these instructions:

    1. Make sure you are logged in as an administrator
    2. If connected, disconnect your (device) from the PC
    3. Open your command prompt, click Start select Run
    4. Type cmd then press Enter
    5. Type the following after the prompt: Net localgroup Administrators local service /add then press Enter

    NOTE: A “The command completed successfully” message should appear.

    6. Close the command prompt and reconnect (device).

  111. Francisco you rock!

    I’ve tried everything from Apple Tech Support, reinstalling drivers and iTunes, installed diskaid, no luck, until I found your post.

    Windows 7 Premium
    Iphone 4 with current OS
    No other installed camera devices (no other digital cameras, scanners, or web cams on this PC)
    Current Itunes (Not a fan)

    I have a really bad habit of saving random pics I find on funny websites, in emails, or texts. Deleting all of them, or worse, sending them a few at a time to my email to back them up did not sound fun to me. Took Francisco’s advice, I disconnected iPhone from my PC, took a picture of my keyboard, plugged it back into the PC while iPhone was in photo album, and it showed up as removable storage.

  112. Yes…DiskAid worked for me too. Mine is Windows 7, 64bit and iPhone 4 with latest OS as of 4/25/2011. I also purchased for $9.90 immediately.

  113. I need help with my iPhone I got it a week ago and I am trying to add music to it from my computer and iTunes won’t recognize it why shud I do?

  114. Simpler version of Mario’s instructions that worked for me (Windows 7):
    1) plug the iPhone into your USB Port.
    2) Goto Device Manager
    2a) Right Click on Computer, Left Click Manage, select Device manager
    3) open Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    4) DISABLE Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    5) ENABLE Apple Mobile Device USB Driver

  115. deleting dloaded photos worked! whew! twas magic. thank you!!!

  116. Thanks a lot Cisco…worked for me..
    and thanks Rohit for the post..

  117. prior to plugging in your Iphone to your PC insure that it is unlocked. PC’s wont import photo’s from a locked phone.

  118. also if you have a passcode lock on your device windows wont show any pictures from your camera roll so just unlock the phone when you want to get the pictures of your iphone

  119. Uninstalling the USB driver and then re-installing it did the trick. Thanks!

  120. Thank you…thank you…thank you. Thought I would never get my photos off my iPhone but with DiskAid and FileApp I can now enjoy my pictures on my PC.

    Nothing worked for me permanently until I combined 2 suggested solutions.

    Windows 7 (64 although probably will work for other OSs)
    1) plug the iPhone into your USB Port.
    2) Search for and Go to “Device Manager”
    2a) Right Click on Computer, Left Click Manage, select Device manager
    3) open Universal Serial Bus Controllers
    4) DISABLE Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    5) ENABLE Apple Mobile Device USB Driver
    6) Got to Portable Devices (just above the Mobile Device Driver)
    7) Right Click Apple Iphone
    8) Uninstall Driver
    9) Unplug Iphone
    10) Plug back in go to My computer on your desktop and presto. There is your missing Iphone !!!

  122. Tried everything for hours to download holiday pictures – iphone 4 not even recognised by XP PC. Tried option 2 but could not find the ‘Apple iPhone’ in ‘Devise Manager’ until I read Pat’s answer on April 20th 2010.
    Thanks Pat – worked a treat.

  123. I have lost my phone the other day. I do Have mobile me to locate it.Is there a way to locate it by any other means.
    I have been trying to locate it with locate my phone Mobile me and it says it was not located. Can GPS find it if turned off?
    Please help if at all possible.

  124. I was up to option three a few days ago when I disconnected my iPhone and reconnected it. My computer didn’t change until I touched my phone again and got hit with static. It immediately connected to the PC and worked nicely. Tried it again yesterday and had the same problem until once again I got zapped by it. Could a build up of static make it fail? I dunno, but its fixed mine a couple of times.

  125. My iPhone 1.1.4 is charging but do not show the indication. iPhone is not detected on iTunes. I tried every thing. Also not recognized in recovery mode on iTunes.

  126. Thank you guys…it even worked for windows vista…my iphone didn’t show up in my computer…i removed my iphone, took a pic, and inserted it in the drive…whoa! i saw the device in my computer. now it’s easy for me to import pics…yehey!!!


    All you have to do is delete the photos that you DID NOT take with your iphone but imported somewhere else, like the internet or other phone. That’s it!!!

    Thanks Cisco!!! We all owe you.

  128. Dear all

    im using 3g iphone ios 3.1.2 after jailbreak and upgraded this ios im facing a serious trouble with my phone.. itunes doesnot reconized to no computers i have tried with macbook pro ,windows 7,windows xp.. also it has been battery drain!!! how to restore or how to fix it? is anybody pls tell me with details… with final solution will help lot of peoples..!!!!
    thanks in advance

  129. i have iphone 4 , recently i jail break it with redsnow and tried to unlock it using ultra snow through cydia but after installing ultra snow in cydia my iphone reboot and it is jam in it only shows apple ican .. it not going to recovery mode and not dectecting in my computer help plzzzzzzzzzzz

  130. =D THANK YOU!!! After days of trying to solve this problem, solution 2 has done it πŸ™‚ Thank you so much πŸ™‚ Although one thing i will say is you should put instructions up for other pc’s as they werent exact for my laptop so i had to do some searching, but either way its sorted now so thank you πŸ™‚ xx

  131. What about if i have a passcode on my Iphone. Cause i do try with diskaid, the answer is taht i have to use a passcode first. But i don’t remember the passcode and my iphone is in disable mode, i don’t want to loose my data.

  132. Hi Sisco
    after many hours … your solution was the best and very simple for Me
    I didn’t think that at least one pic must be exist to show up the Iphone camera folder
    Thank you again
    and thanks for other people that help us

  133. Thanks a lot! actually Diskaid worked for me ! Great tool to transfer pictures where your device can’t be read anywhere. THANK YOU.

  134. Deleting off photos not taken by my phone worked straightaway for me – thanks for the tip Cisco!

  135. wow 5 great suggestions.. #2 worked for me! win 7 64bit… and i think if no of these work for you guys it sounds like a personal problem.. take care and thanks

  136. If there are no photos in your camera roll then it will not show up in my computer. Take a photo, reconnect and it will appear.

  137. THank u very very much. I’ve been trying to solve the sam problem for last few days and your article saved me!!!! Greetings from Croatia!

  138. Thank you soo much. didnt understand why this happened to me, but i didnt think i would get a solution so thank you :), much appreciated! Nicc’

  139. If the pictures folder is empty, Windows has a hard time finding the device.

    Disconnect. Take a picture with the iPhone. Reconnect.

  140. Method 2 here worked for me.
    Device Manager->Imaging Devices->Apple iPhone->Uninstall. Made sure phone was not plugged in at time.
    All 100+ photos/videos etc were taken with phone. I hadn’t noticed this until the most recent update. Talk about annoying.

  141. ARMAND….you are a genius…..I have been tearing my hair out for months wondering how to solve this problem and after trying a couple of solutions on here to no avail your sugestion was the only one that worked even though was for windows 7 it works on windows vista which is what I have…..thank you so much!!

  142. Thanks a lot! The tird option has worked for me too. The second option showed me that the installation of Digital Still Camera driver (that iPhone’s tries to install) is not completing correctly on my pc.

  143. I have tried all of the above. What seems to be my issue is photos that were sync’d from my PC that show up in albums called “photo library” and “pictures” but not in ‘camera roll”. I can find no way to remove them since they were sync’d via iTunes. I have Win7, latest iTunes 10 (uninstalled/reinstalled) and a 3GS with 5.0.1 on it. When I connect my phone it will not recognize it at the Win7 level or iTunes. Latest pic is one I just took of my keyboard, there are under 100 pics on the phone, DiskAid and iFunBox don’t recognize it, it does not show up in iTunes at all. I can’t find anything so far to fix this thing. It says when I connect it that there is a device error on both Win7 and WinXPsp3. Ideas? Thanks.

  144. For me i stuck in this for 3 day ,today i just restore it and it’s work now
    i restore to iOS5.0.1 and its work now

  145. I’m a very busy real estate agent trying to get this fixed for 3 weeks now and nobody can help me. And this one worked for me! Good job!

  146. Thanks buddy, the 2nd solution.. uninstalling the device and connecting it again worked for me.
    Thanks a lot again!

  147. This was a bit more helpful than the other sites I’ve tried. I’ll try DiskAid if I have to, but I really want to sync my iPhone w/ iTunes again. Method #2 didn’t work for me since I didn’t even see “Portable Devices” in Device Manager — I have win xp w/ sp3. The iPhone is not recognized by windows or iTunes. The only thing it’ll do is charge.

  148. Hi,

    My Iphone 2s is not working now it is showing itunes and usb Symbol and not allowing me to go for mail screen. This happned when i updat new itunes . please some one help me in this.

    Thank you!!

  149. @Mario, it worked as you said. Woohoo!

    I didn’t have to do step 9. It first showed up as the “Unknown MTP device” but then after about 15 seconds it disappeared and then “Apple iPhone” appeared. Two things that should be mentioned.

    a) some steps require 10-20 seconds of waiting while re-scanning or Windows re-finding your iPhone. Be patient with each step.

    b) Restart whatever application (e.g. Picasa) you were using so that it finds your iPhone after you rediscover.

  150. it works!!! Thank a ton!!! people like u make this world a better/easier place to live in !!!

  151. I did what Megan said: I turned the iPhone off while it was plugged into the computer, and then turned it back on, and the computer discovered the iPhone. I have Windows 7 and an iPhone 4.

  152. Cisco77566 comments helped me. The rest of the article is useless. Just deleted a picture that i had from an MMS and it worked. Thanks

  153. On my laptop I see my iPhone and can drill down to the pictures. The problem is when I plug my iPhone into my PC running windows 7, it see’s the phone and opens in windows explorer but when I drill down to the pics folder there is nothing there. I do the same on my laptop and another windows 7 PC and I see them. Any ideas?

  154. I had the following issue with my iPhone 4:
    Connect via USB data cable to Windows 7 Ultimate x64 desktop. Windows recognizes device and phone would charge. iPhone would be displayed under “Computer” however it would have a different icon. I would be able to drill down as far as DCIM and then that folder would show as empty. While troubleshooting this issue I noted that the Apple Mobile Device service will only be present if you have iTunes installed. On my desktop I was using the default driver that Windows 7 installs. I had tried uninstalling that driver under portable devices in device manager and then scanning for hardware and reinstalling the driver to no avail. I had also uninstalled USB composite device drivers and USB root hub drivers just to try, also to no avail. Finally I downloaded and installed iTunes. Plugged in my iPhone and under “Computer” I could drill down into the DCIM folder and have all my photos displayed. It now shows the iPhone icon under “Computer”. I then uninstalled iTunes (I don’t use it for anything) and rebooted my system and issue continues to be resolved.

  155. I’ve tried a whole bunch of websites’ recommendations, everything on this page, and what Cisco said, and NONE of them worked.

  156. Thanks you!! I had the USB port working fine with IPhone 3, but it would not work with IPhone 4. It would not charge nor would ITunes recognize it. Finally after reading your suggestions I updated the USB driver and it worked fine!!

  157. Im using 3g iphone ios 3.1.2 after jailbreak with redsnow 0.9.4 im facing a serious trouble with my phone.. itunes doesnot reconized to no computers i m using vista. nt dis disk aid helps it keeps on saying looking for iphone, ipad,ipod, …..plz plug it in, device manager, services nothing is showing apple iphone, Also it has been battery drain!!! how to restore or how to fix it? is anybody pls tell me with details… with final solution will help lot of peoples..!!!!
    thanks in advance

  158. Thanks Cisco77566

    The removal of photos not taken by my iPhone worked for me.



  159. My problem is I just bought an iphone 3g in bad condition for 20 buck from a friend. I plug it into my computer and its not found on the computer. (but it does charge) I tried the diskaid and it didn’t work. method one didn’t work and the problem with method two is that in device manager there was no > Portable devices category at all. Pleas help Thanks!

  160. Uninstalling portable device in Device manager was sollution for me!
    It worked!


    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. None of the above worked on my PC.

    I should have got an Android! Apple products even read Androids…much better!

  162. Thanks step number 2 worked like a charm for me, step one in windows 7 was a bit different but it was still the same settings. Thanks i google +1 it too πŸ™‚

  163. My Iphone4S would not charge when I plugged it into my computer or be recognized by my computer (windows 7)…

    So what I did was…

    I opened Device Manager, saw that there was an “unspecified driver” named “Iphone”… I right-clicked it, clicked on troubleshoot, and it worked again. (:

  164. Arggggghhh! I was reading through all the steps and nothing was working. I finally downloaded itunes and suddenly my computer can read my phone. Seems kind of fishy but whatever. If that is what I need for my windows 7 netbook to read my phone, then so be it!

  165. Woop, woop!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! DiskAid worked magic!!!!

  166. Megan (posted Jan 15th 2010) You’re a star!

    Couldn’t compete methods 1 or 2 as nothing showed up and was contemplating dowloading DiskAid when I tried your suggestion – simply turning i-phone off and back on whilst connected to PC (windows 7, no i-tunes running).

    Whooppee!! Worked straight away! You’re brilliant! THANKS!!!!!

  167. I have a 3G iPhone, and after a sync, my pictures didn’t show up and my iPhone wasn’t listed in my computer. I turned bluetooth off on my iphone and then reconnected the USB cable. It appeared as a storage device as usual. I can’t have bluetooth on and the cable connected at the same time. Hope that helps!

  168. I managed to fix this problem by opening the device manager and plugging in the device. the computer recognized the hardware but said there was a problem with the driver then I went to > Universal serial bus controllers > apple mobile device USB driver > update drivers. It worked!!!

  169. None worked for me so then I tried the Usb cable that came with the phone instead of the usual one I used. Worked perfect.

  170. My iPhone 4 mysteriously stopped allowing me to download pictures to my PC. Tried all the administrators tools, no avail. Uninstalled driver, etc. But DiskAid worked, thank you for sharing your expertise. Bravo.

  171. Apple Mobile Device Service Restart fix

    1. With the iPhone disconnected from the computer, Open Start Menu >> Run >> and type services.msc and press ok or hit enter/return.

    * note (a): this will open up the “services” window with all programs running in the background.
    * note (b): if you do not see “Run” under the Start Menu, use the “Search programs and files” search box (for windows 7 users).

    2. From the list of programs running, locate the service named “Apple Mobile Device”
    3. Double click on “Apple Mobile Device” to open it or right click on it and choose properties.
    * note: the “Apple Mobile Device Properties (local Computer)” window will now be opened.

    4. Under the “General” tab you will see “Service status:” listed on the bottom half of the window, along with a Start, Stop, Pause, and Resume button.

    5. Click on the “Stop” button to stop the service from running.
    6. Connect the iPhone to the computer via the usb cable.
    * note: the iPhone drivers should then successfully be installed, as it did on my computer.
    At this point, the auto run window should pop-up as the iPhone is now connected to computer.

    7. After the iPhone drivers are installed, click on the “Start” button within the “Apple Mobile Device Properties” window to restart the service, then click “ok” to close the window.
    * note: iTunes will need to be restarted if running in order for the iPhone to be detected.

    8. That’s it. Hope this works for someone else out there.

  172. While diskaid is the solution for me, I would like to ask if just copying the pictures and videos over will change the actual sizes and resolutions taken by the phone? Will it reduce them?

  173. Aarons methord worked for me just go to device control panel and then troubeshoot the iphone which will be under ‘unspecified’

  174. SORRY FOR ALL CAPS: but wanted to make sure you saw Cisco’s tip above. It works like a charm.

  175. Thanks!

    That fixed it! (Uninstalling iPhone in Device Manager) I had to plug the phone into the computer before I saw the setting though!


  176. Thanks a lot. I’ve tried sometime to figure out the problem, but nothing works. However, your second method works for me like a magic. Many thanks for sharing this with us. God bless you!

  177. The second method worked for me. Under Device Manager – iPhone is visible under ‘Others’. Uninstall it and plug-in the iPhone, it should work. Also make sure you have the iTunes installed.

  178. Wow. This was crazy. I spent the last 8 hours trying to get my iPhone 3GS to be recognized by Windows 7 32-bit. I had tried everything I could find on the net.

    All the services (Bonjour, iPod Service, etc.) were all running. Could not get Windows 7 OR iTunes to recognize it.

    Then I saw a post above….May 13, 2010 by Francisco.

    Windows 7 only recognized my iPhone in Device Manager as a Bluetooth Peripheral, but had no driver for it. The listing was under “Other devices” with a yellow exclamation point. I finally figured out I had to download Microsoft Mobile Device Support driver package to solve that.

    32-bit – http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-us/downloads/microsoft/device-center-download.mspx

    64 – bit – http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/en/details.aspx?FamilyID=4f68eb56-7825-43b2-ac89-2030ed98ed95&displaylang=en

    Once I installed my package (32-bit), the listing under “Other devices” disappeared, and under Bluetooth Radios a new listing showed up called “Windows mobile-based device support”.

    But My Computer and iTunes STILL would not recognize my iPhone.

    Then I remembered earlier in the evening, Windows had recognized it and I had downloaded 3 photos and 1 video to my desktop, leaving it with no photos.

    That was when my computer would not recognize it anymore.

    Then I went nuts for 8 hours trying to get Windows and iTunes to recognize it.

    Francisco posted this:
    Francisco May 13, 2010 at 2:57 am

    Just figured out the reason why it didn’t show up. The guy who mentioned talking to the apple guy, you gave me an idea. So I realized the β€œApple Iphone” driver wasn’t installed and since that guy figured it had something to do with the camera, I took a picture, and reconnected my iPhone. The result was shocking!!! LOL It installed Apple iPhone driver and windows 7 finally recognized my iphone as removable storage.

    So what I did was take some photos with my iPhone, and suddenly my iPhone was listed in My Computer, and under Device Manager it is now listed under “Portable Devices” as “Apple iPhone”.

    At the moment, iTunes still does not recognize my iPhone, but at least I got Windows to recognize it thanks to Francsisco’s post from 2 years ago.

  179. THANKS CISCO YOU ROCK!!! I have spent months trying to find a soultion! Method 2 worked for me.

  180. Disk aid worked! And once i’d used disk aid to delete a few photos, it then appeared in my computer! thanks!


    The second method worked perfectly on my iphone 4s.


  182. YES! The DiskAid worked. I can finally download my pictures from my iPhone. Thanks so much!

  183. A very good and useful suggestion for iPhone Device to appear back in Device List in Windows Explorer
    Also a good tool to mention about DiskAid….this is what I am finding to get data from Photo Stream and other files…

    Thanks a lot…

  184. Hi Cisco,i followed your process but in my case iphone is detected in my PC not and not iTunes,so now i have no idea how i will be able to transfer my photos from the pc to iphone.

  185. You are FANTASTIC. Went through a restore, horribly messed up iphone, HOURS of support with Apple to get the phone back to the same semi-broken condition (settings and contacts once again intact except can’t get my pictures off of it) until they realized it was not an iTunes Problem. It was an autoplay problem, but I didn’t know that was a windows function, not an Apple function. They cannot not support Windows or tell you what to do. Probably 3 or 4 hours chasing ghosts, though I did switch to iCloud in the process so it was probably worth it.

    Tried a couple of different FAQs, no luck. Your removing the Apple Portable Device Driver, rehooking up the phone did the trick. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!!!

    So wonderful!!! THANK YOU!!!

  186. The iPhone showed up before I deleted all pictures from the Camera roll. I tried everything all the other commenters suggested until I got to the one about putting at least one picture in the camera roll. Then, success!!!

  187. I was a little hesitant to uninstall the iPhone. Glad I did. I can now transfer my pictures from my iPhone to my pc. Thanks so much for the info!

  188. Thanks Cisco! I tried deleting just the photos that I knew weren’t taken by my phone, and still it wouldn’t show up. So I got Disk-Aid and got my pics off first, then deleted all of them from my Camera Roll.

    After that Bob’s your Uncle. Thanks again cisco! I’m sending a copy of this page to the Apple advisor that was trying to help me through this problem.

  189. Thank you! I’d almost despaired of ever getting my new iPhone up and running. The advice above using Device Manager which I’d never seen before (right-click on My Computer for ‘Manager’ options) did the trick. πŸ™‚

  190. I am having the exact same problem with my iphone being recognized in iTunes but not on my computer. I tried following your instructions, but after doing “run” – in the “services.msc” list – there was no such listing as “mobile device driver” – do I need to install this first?

  191. You are right. There has to be at least 1 picture left on the camera roll. This was driving me crazy. Once I took one picture I was backm in business and my Iphone 4S showed up under My Computer.

  192. I found that the cable usually is the problem and using a third party cable results in limited abilities of transfer. if using a third party cable it must be shorter but if you stick with your Apple OEM cable your iPhone should pop up no problem

  193. Solved!! Thanks!!!
    Deleting apple from device manager and replug back has fixed my issue!

  194. Thank You SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Much!! I Had This Problem And It Was Driving Me MAD!!!!!!! The 1st Solution Worked For Me.


  195. DiskAid actually works really well. I didn’t want to go back through the thousands of pictures I had from emails and other apps so I tried the DiskAid route and it worked just as advertised! Thanks a TON! I would have thought there would have been a better solution to this by now!

  196. wow, thanks so much for the 3rd solution. the diskaid simply fixed my problem that the 1st and 2nd doesnt… really thanks so much!! god bless you (the maker of diskaid)

  197. Yay ! Your custom way worked the only ! Thank you very much, dunno why this started to happen but its fixed thanks to you ! awesome ! πŸ™‚

  198. Good lord, this is STILL an issue! Cisco’s advice worked (can you believe something you said 3 yrs ago is still helping people out?) Wouldn’t recognize my photos because I had a screenshot in there! Once I deleted it, problem solved.

  199. I have tried everything. I have a iPhone 4S. Just a month or so ago I could connect it to my computer, and everything was fine. The PC recognized it, charged it, allowed me to pull data off of it – no problem. Then suddenly it just stopped. I plug it in now, it doesn’t recognize it, doesn’t charge it, even iTunes is no help – and yes, I have the latest version. I tried everything I saw above. Nothing works. Someone please help. Under Device Manager the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver has that yellow exclamation point. When I tell it to update, it says it has the latest software. I tried disabling and re-enabling it. Nothing. I tried uninstalling that, unplugging and re-plugging the phone, and it then says “Device driver software was not successfully installed” – and the yellow exclamation point is still there.

    This makes no sense. Why would it work fine then suddenly just not work anymore? Someone please help me before I pull all of my hair out.

  200. Hey guys, to get this to work, you have to have your iphone unlocked before plugging it into your computer. Enter your passcode to unlock your phone then plug it in and it should recognize it.

  201. I still have this problem. As advised using DiskAid. Looks good alternative solution. Thank you.

  202. I am using a Windows 7, when i connect my iphone to the usb, at the beginning a dialogue box pops up saying β€œOne of the USb devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it” and the iphone didnt charge, furthermore it is not charging through the socket unless I switch it off.
    Now when connected to any USB of any computer, nothing happen, it is not being read at all.

    Please somebody can help me
    Thanks in advance

  203. I found another solution in a portuguese tutorial that worked perfectly for me. I’ll put it here for the people that this tutorial couldn’t help. I’ll do my best to say the correct names since my iTunes is in portuguese as well.

    1. Open iTunes > Go to ‘Preferences’ in the menu above (top left corner)
    2. Go to ‘Devices’ and then click ‘Reset Sync History’. Don’t worry, this will not affect anything in your iPhone neither will it delete your files.
    3. Unplug your iPhone from your computer and plug it in again.

    And that’s it! Your iPhone should appear in your Windows Explorer now. πŸ™‚

  204. Excellent, i only had to delete couple of videos on my iphone and re-plug to windows 7 and its there.
    thanks allot guyes

  205. Thanks a lot, the third option (Disk Aid) was the only proper response I have had after a long time.

  206. ****** WORKING EASY FIX ********

    Click on “Start”, then “Devices and Printers”

    Your iPhone should show up there and may have an exclamation mark (!) on it.

    Right Click the iPhone icon and select “Troubleshoot”

    The computer will check updates on drivers etc.

    Once this has completed, the exclamation mark should have disappeared and the iPhone should now be on Explorer!

    Done πŸ™‚


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