[Solved] Laptop, PC Does Not Resume From Sleep Mode in Windows 7 | 8

Windows 8 is the all newly designed new version of windows which has been launched recently by Microsoft, as if now when ever you buy a new laptop or pc you will see windows 8 comes pre installed. One our reader who has recently purchased a new Sony VAIO laptop started facing some issues like when ever he puts he laptop idle and after some time when he press the keys on the keyboard or the power button nothing happens and it does not come out of the sleep mode.

This problem is not even limited to new windows pc but also exist in older windows 7 pc and laptops as well, the reason behind this problem is most of the time related to hardware as it not the software but the hardware which does not respond some how as in most of the cases the users can see the lights in laptop keys and other LED for hard disk and keyboard lit up but only the display does not turn on.

As in this case, this is actually the hardware related problem if it is occurring on any windows laptop or pc, so the best way to get it fixed is by getting the machine fixed by the manufacturer if its under warranty or if its out of warranty you can configure the power settings to stop this from happening in your computer.

Please Note: Some computers may take some time to resume from the stand by from the moment you press the power button, and it could be around 5 minutes for old windows pc or laptop. So, if you can wait for that much time, the computer might resume and the problem will be solved for you.

Alter Power Settings to Fix Windows Does not Resume From Sleep Mode

First go to control panel, and locate the power options settings – if you don’t see the power options icon – you can search in control panel and find the same.


Under power options you, will find the power plan set on your laptop or pc, you should now click the link which says Change plan settings


Under plan settings, you will see the option which says Turn off display and Put the computer to sleep time – you should both of these times to never to that laptop display and windows does not enter sleep mode when its idle.


You can also first try disabling the turn off display by settings the timer on battery and plugged in to never so that even if the computer is in sleep mode the display should not go off, in case if this does not work – then you set the timer to never for Put the computer to sleep mode for both on battery power and when plugged in.

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