[Solved] Fix Mouse Cursor Goes Invisible In Windows After Some Time

One of our reader reported the problem which has been occurring in windows 7 on his computer since he bought a new windows computer, this problem of cursor disappearing after some minutes of inactivity with mouse is quite common and happens with most of us.

As by default if you don’t use mouse for some time, the mouse cursor should disappear from the computer monitor screen but it should come back the moment you move the mouse which is already connected to the machine with bluetooth or wire.

Apps That Don’t Show Mouse In The Programs Window

There are many programs which does not show or simply hide the cursor while the apps or games are running in full screen mode to actually give you a better multimedia experience. However Internet Explorer is one such program which shows the cursor even while running in full screen metro UI mode as it is designed like that it sense the mouse connected to the computer.

Make Sure To Enable Mouse Pointer Trails

Irrespective of the version of windows you are using, you should enable mouse pointer trails in case you want to see the mouse all the time on your computer monitor screen and also make sure that the setting which says Hide Pointer While Typing should also be unchecked which is actually enabled by default.

To reach the mouse settings, you will need to go to control panel >> mouse settings – Pointers options

mouse pointer display all time

Make sure to configure the settings as shown in the image above and click the apply and ok button and this way it should solve the problem of mouse disappearing in windows.

Check and Repair The Video Graphics Drivers

Another reason behind the disappearing mouse cursor could be due the faulty videos drivers, you can easily fix this by reinstalling the video graphic card device drivers or video drivers by downloading the drivers on your computer, you can follow out general guide on safe way to upgrade the graphics drivers without any crash or blue screen or in case you are running windows 8, you can follow our guide on how to enhance the poor or bad quality of graphics on windows 8.

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