[Solved] Open Desktop Automatically After Boot Up in Windows 8 and Skip Start Screen

Windows 8 is nicely enhanced in terms of UI but most of the people who are used to the old user interface of windows from the time of windows xp are not at happy and those who upgraded from windows 7 are really regretting their decision and all this because of the new modern UI.

Now, we have already written a way to get rid of the windows 8 modern UI but not all of them totally want to get rid of it and on the other hand people like me don’t like to see the start screen after booting up in windows 8 but rather I would like to see the desktop screen, although to go to desktop once windows 8 is booted up, you just need to click on the desktop tile.


Now for those who don’t want to see windows 8 modern UI can install a free program called StartOnDesktop is perhaps the quickest and easiest solution around. The program is tiny 37KB download, for instance. There’s no adware here, no installation required, no hassles of any kind: just unzip it and launch the single executable.


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