[Solved] PC Game Graphic Lag While Playing it on Old or New PC

Many of our readers asked us this question over time that why do their pc lag in graphics some times when they play graphic games, most of the times this could be due to the low graphic memory on your PC or if the graphic card drivers are not updated to the latest version.


Following are some ways with which you can fix the graphic lag on your PC while playing any game on your windows computer.

Make Sure There Are No Other Programs Running

When you are playing a game make sure that there are no other software’s running on your pc which could be using graphic memory and CPU as this will really help you to fix the graphic lag which you might see in a specific or all games you play on your PC.

Revert Windows 8 or 7 To Basic Theme With No or Less Animation

Some of the core windows features which keep using some graphic memory is the aero glass and other animations you see in windows when you use it and revert back to the classic or default windows theme without any GUI effects.

Decrease The Game Resolution To Lower

This method always works as if you are facing some lag while playing a game the best way to quickly speed up is to lower down the resolution will make the gameplay little bit display the running speed and overall performance will increase and the gameplay become better.

If none of the method work, then you can try freeware named Game Booster which can help you to speed up the gaming playback.

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  1. Hey Abhi nice post pal. Great tips for running the game in oldPC and new PC smoothly. I am going to follow your tips and play my favorite PC games in my PC. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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