[Solved] Permanently Stop Metro or Modern UI in Windows 8 To Load

Windows 8 is no doubt great but many its is more confusing and annoying version of windows like me, as it is just a polished version of windows 7 with Modern UI on the top, and there are many users like me for which windows 8 modern UI is more annoying as it bring more complexity than being making windows more useful and easy to use.

There are two ways to permanently disable the metro UI in windows 8, either you modify the registry on your own or use a software tool to do the same which is more safer. First we are going to tell the geeky way to do it, that is registry way.

1. Go to windows 8 desktop mode and press windows + r to open run menu.

2. Now type “regedit” without quotes and press enter.


3. Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> SOFTWARE >> Microsoft >> Windows >> CurrentVersion >> Explorer and locate the entry named “RPenabled” if it does not exist create it  and change its value from “1″ to “0″. This will cause the metro UI to be replaced with a familiar looking Windows 7 start menu. To revert this all you need to do it to change the value of RPenabled back to 1.


Use Retro UI to Disable Windows 8 [Paid Utility]

Retro UI is one service that can let you have the same interface as Windows 7 and still let you experience the newer release Windows 8 features including faster than Windows 7 boot-up time.


As per the developer “RetroUI eliminates this inefficient back-and-forth problem by providing a way for users to login directly into the classic Windows desktop – skipping over all the unneeded Metro features.”

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