[Solved] Reliance NetConnect Does Not Work In Mac Os Mountain Lion and Lion

Recently when I upgraded mac os x on my old macbook pro, everything went fine till the time I realized that the huawei reliance net connect data card no longer works in my mac os mountain lion. It was detecting but did not show up in network connection under system preferences in mac os x.

Screen Shot 2012 08 20 at 4 19 56 PM

I could see the reliance installer file window open up but when I ran the installer it gave the installer quit unexpectedly as you can see in the image below.

Screen Shot 2012 08 20 at 4 17 08 PM

All this was happening due to wrong drivers or old drivers of reliance net connect which no longer works with the Mac OS Lion or Mountain Lion, so I decided to hunt for the right set of drivers for my old Huawei Reliance Netconnect dongle model number EC1260, after some searching I found following ways to solve the problem and install the drivers to fix it.

First find if you have a Huawei or ZTE based reliance net connect data card as these data cards are outsourced and manufactured by ZTE or Hauwei and then sold by Reliance Netconnect with their own software which runs on the top to use these data cards on windows and other os environment.

Please Note: You can easily find whether you have a ZTE or Huawei data card by simply looking at it closely or some components of it – you will see a model number of the data card or the company name.

Download Reliance Net Connect Drivers From Reliance Netconnect+ Website

Yes, reliance net connect website does have a section where in you can download the drivers of the old data cards to make them work in different versions of mac os. You can download the drivers for ZTE and Huawei data cards from the downloads section on this page or use links below for specific data card models.

Reliance Netconnect Driver/ Software for New Devices

Reliance Netconnect Driver/ Software for Old Devices

Downloading Separate Drivers For Huawei Based Reliance Data Cards For Mac Os Lion or Mountain Lion

As the drivers you download from the reliance netconnect+ website may not work on Mac Os Lion or Mountain so you will need to download the latest drivers either from Huawei website or from some third party website. As after searching a lot I found out another set of drivers which actually made to work in Mac OS Lion [ 10.7 ] or Mountain Lion, these drivers are on a “3” mobile provider of UK on their website. This divers actually worked for me.

Once you have downloaded the installer in the zip file extract the same first, but when you need to install the drivers through a different way, its not as easy as just launching the installer and have things done automatically.

Step 1:

Now You need to right click on the “3Connect Installer” and select “Show Package Contents”. This opens up a view with only “Contents” listed, now go into the “Resources” directory. Here you will see “mobilemanager.mpkg” file. Now “mpkg” is a package which means it has more goodies in it.

Screen Shot 2012 08 20 at 4 55 16 PM

Again right click and then select “Show Package Contents”. √This opens up a view with only “Contents” listed, now go into the “Packages” directory and then you will see Huawei universal installer which will load up all the drivers required for your data card to work on your latest version of mac os till lion or mountain lion.


After running the Huawei universal installer, the next time I plugged my data card it was showing up in Network and then once configured with the right username and password it was working fine.

Screen Shot 2012 08 20 at 5 03 01 PM

For ZTE based Reliance NetConnect Data Cards you can follow this alternative guide on how to make ZTE Data Cards work in Mac os Lion by running the Cross Platform installer which have the drivers for these data cards for Lion and Mountain Lion



  1. please let me know which model device of reliance net connect is
    compartable with mac os mountain lion
    waiting to know

  2. Thanks dear it worked for me
    I am using Huawei EC1260………


    Ummar Shaikh

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