[Solved] Remove Delete Incredibar MyStart Completely From Chrome, Firefox and IE and Windows Computer

Free software’s are good but not all free software’s available these days are good as most of the them are bundled with spam and adware programs which will get installed automatically and will keep running in background some times and most of the time they will install them as browser toolbar and will appear.

Incredibar MyStart one such annoying adware which will get installed with the popular freeware called colorpicker, once its on your computer every time you open a new tab in google chrome Incredibar MyStart page will load automatically and it will be set as homepage as well, but  the default address bar search will be on google it wont change.


Not only chrome, but it will infect all other browser on your machine including IE and firefox as well and will change their default homepage. In order to make remove Incredibar my start adware from your computer, you can follow the procedure below.

As incredibar my start install itself as an extension in google chrome and firefox so you can remove this from the browser itself but for IE you will need to open add remove programs and remove the incredibar related program in windows.

Incredibar My Start Removal Guide For Chrome

You will need to check under extensions in google chrome [ Settings >> Chrome Extensions ]  and then look for a new extension named new tab for chrome and then delete this extension from there.


To delete or uninstall the extension, click the delete bin icon shown on the right side, after deleting the extension you need to remove my start page entry under the set of pages you load as home pages in google chrome. For this you need to go to chrome settings and then under on startup section you will see the link set pages.


click set pages and then delete my start incredibar page entry under the start up pages.

Incredibar My start Removal Instructions For Firefox

In case of firefox as well, it will be installed as extension, you need to press Ctrl+Shift+A to access addons and then remove or disable Incredibar from the list.


but still after removing or disabling incredibar, you will need to remove the home page entry as it is set as default home page, for this you will need to go firefox >> tools and then under general tab – you will need to remove the home page entry.


Incredibar Removal Steps For IE

For IE again you need to remove the home page changed by IE and then under Settings >> Internet Options and then remove the my start URL.


Then you need to open Add remove programs or programs and features and then need to remove the IB Updater and IB Updater Service as shown in the image below.


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