[Solved] Remove Password Required to Open PDF File

One of our readers asked us why he is required to open a PDF file which is either a credit card statement in the form of PDF he received in email or a bank statement in the form of PDF, most of the times these types of PDF files require you to enter a password to open them.

password to open pdf file

But for most of the users it really annoying and cumbersome task to input the required password to open a PDF file and again it requires more effort on the user side to remember these password which are some times different in each PDF files.

Remove a PDF File Password to Open it By Virtually Printing It As PDF

doPDF is a free software plugin which you can install in windows which allows you to print any webpage in your favorite browser as PDF file so that you can access it later by opening the PDF file, similarly for those PDF files for which you want to remove the PDF files, you just need to open them once in your PDF viewer like Adobe Reader, Fox It PDF Reader. Then print them virtually and save them as PDF again, the new file you get this way is password free and exact replica of the original PDF file.


Now print the entire PDF as PDF file again and the new file will be password free, so no password is going to be required to open the new PDF file which will be duplicate copy the original PDF file.

print as pdf 

Remove Original PDF File Password and Make It Password Free To Open

Another simple way to remove the password required to open a PDF File is by using this freeware called BeCyPDFMetaEdit or for multiple files, but this way again you will have to use this tool again and again for every PDF file which you want to make password free to open.


  1. Nice one, could come in handy, not sure how you can print them if you cn’t open the though.

  2. Do PDF is real nice software.
    I have problem in EXCEL where do i search for solution?

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