[Solved] Repair Flash Plugin Crash While Playing Videos In All Browsers [Google Chrome, Firefox and IE ]

There are many of our readers who reported that us that some times the google chrome browser flash plugin crashes when they were watching youtube video, it has happened with many google chrome users irrespective the browser version they are using. Symptoms were quite different as it happened with some users while youtube video, dailymotion video or any other flash videos are playing. On the other hand there are times when this happened with users were actually not playing a video but it happened due to some other flash object on some website which they are trying to load.

Shock Wave Plugin Crash In Google Chrome

In most of the cases this issue happened with google chrome users, but not limited to google chrome only as it happened with those who are using other browsers like Firefox and Internet Explorer as well.  The first and foremost reason this could happen could be due to conflict in between the flash player in google chrome and there are different reasons for different browsers.

For Google Chrome – Disable One Version Of Flash Player

This firstly happens in google chrome when there are multiple version of flash shockwave plugin installed and google chrome get confused and try to use both of these plugins installed of the same program and fails to do so and results in crashing of all flash videos across the browser.

Quick Fix To Google Chrome Flash Crash Issue

The quickest way to get rid of this problem is to close google chrome, restart it and reload all the youtube or any other flash videos again and they should play fine, if you want to get rid of this problem permanently then follow the fix below.

In this case you will need to go to google chrome browser plugin settings and fix the issues, follow the step by step solution for the same.

1. Open google chrome and type about:plugins or chrome://plugins


2. Now locate Flash – if it says 2 files with different versions as you can see in the image above, you will need to disable one of them to stop the flash plugin to crash while videos are playing. For this you will need to click Details with plus sign which is shown on the top right corner with in the browser.


3. Once you click details you will see the details for both the flash plugin and you need to here disable the internal google chrome flash version which is second entry and is in the app data folder.


Once you have disabled one of the flash plugin here, you just need to restart google chrome and the problem of shockwave plugin will not happen again.

For Firefox – Reinstall Flash Plugin To Fix Crashing

There are times when shockwave plugin may crash in firefox and at such times you will need to re install the flash shockwave plugin, for this uninstall the flash plugin and then go to Adobe’s test page – then when you see a yellow notification bar will appear above the webpage. Click Install Missing Plugins

Install Flash In Firefox

For Internet Explorer – Uninstall Flash From Add Remove Programs

For this you will need to go to Control Panel >> Add Remove Programs or Programs and Features and then locate the Adobe Flash Player and then double click to remove or uninstall it.


Once flash player is removed, restart computer and then go to Adobe Flash Player Download page in internet explorer again.

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