[Solved] Stop New Installed Apps Tiles Added On Start Screen in Windows 8

For those few people like me who have started liking the start screen in windows 8 like it clean, but due to the default setting in windows 8 all the apps and programs you install from windows 8 store or other windows 8 compatible programs and in the background without your knowledge they keep adding not one but multiple tiles on the start screen to run them or some times also to uninstall them which fills the start screen with some useless tiles and waste the screen space.


Now there is only one way to get rid of these tiles and for that you need to right click on each of these tiles which you want to remove one by one and then select the option which says unpin from start menu


Disable Apps From Auto Pinning on Start Screen

Now in order to stop these tiles to be created and added automatically you will need to install a freeware program which is called AutoPin Controller, a freeware app, is useful in ensuring that your start screen stays clean and nothing gets added to it unless you want it to. With Auto Pin, you can temporary disable the pinning feature so that whenever you install anything new, it won’t be pinned automatically to the start screen.


AutoPin Controller also lets you reset the start screen to the default one, just in case it’s required. AutoPin Controller is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 8 and is available for download for free.

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