[Solved] Time Does Not Synchronize in Windows 7 or later

We received a problem regarding windows 7 as per which a reader reported the time in windows does not synchronize with time.windows.com or using internet, normally when you check the time settings in any pc running windows 7, when you go to time management you will see the following thing as mentioned below.


Now if your computer is not syncing up with the internet time, read on further to know more about methods to fix this.

Restart In Safe Mode

Try restarting in safe mode to check whether there is some driver or startup program conflict which is causing this as if there is something like that it will work fine in safe mode. Note: When the troubleshooting is over do not forget to reset the computer to normal startup.

Set Different Server For Time

Try with a different time server

1. Click on the ‘Start’ button and type ‘Date and Time’ in the search text box and select it.

2.  Select the ‘Internet’ tab and click on ‘Change settings’

3. Select a different server and click on ‘Update now’ and ‘Ok’ and check if it synchronizes

Method 3:

Open run prompt by pressing the window+r key and then ‘cmd’ prompt  to start command prompt and the follow the steps below, make sure that you run command prompt in admin mode.

1. Type "w32tm /debug /disable"(without quotes) and press ‘Enter’.

2. Type "w32tm /register"(without quotes) and press ‘Enter’

You should get the response "W32Time successfully registered"

3. Type "net start w32time"(without quotes) and press ‘Enter’

Hopefully the above methods should fix your problem, if not please let us know through comments.

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