[Solved] Unable To Uninstall Avast Antivirus | Cannot Remove Avast Antivirus | Delete Avast Antivirus Completely


Many of our readers have problem in uninstalling avast antivirus on your computer, some of the reader face the following messages. Previously we had written about Clean Uninstall Norton Antivirus, Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool, Remove Fake Antivirus, Conficker Removal / Deletion Tool, Kinza Virus Removal Tool and some other virus removal tools   

A setiface error has occurred: 2
Try to reinstall or contact support please.

Some of them are not able to remove it through add remove programs in windows computer, avast antivirus may also not get uninstalled as it might be running in system tray, it might be helpful you disable the self defence of avast antivirus by right clicking the system tray icon >> settings >> troubleshooting page and uncheck "disable self-defense" and try to uninstall it again.


Still of you see some error while uninstalling avast antivirus then follow the working method given below.


With avast uninstallation utility you can easily remove or clean uninstall avast antivirus even when it is corrupted.

1. Download aswClear [ Official Uninstallation Tool From Avast ]

2. Start Windows in Safe Mode by pressing F8 at the time of boot
3. Run the executable tool and browse the folder where avast antivirus is installed.
4. click Remove and restart computer after it is done


Note: This free tool can help you remove the following products from avast

Avast 4 Home/Professional Edition, Avast 4 Server Edition, BART CD Manager, Avast for Kerio,

Avast for PDA edition, Avast 32, Avast Managed Client, Avast Distributed Network Manager, Avast Windows Home Server Edition


If still the above method does not work for you can try read our post on how to remove corrupted softwares on your computer.


  1. I have tried everything from multi different pages on how to uninstall this avast and nothing works.

    Im sure what you are going to tell me will be something ive already done,safe mode nope dont work,uninstall utility nope dont work,etc.

    I try the uninstall utility and get an error says spamming.Ive tried so many different things its driving me nuts and i know its a virus because it cant be this hard.

    Ive watched youtube how to’s ive went to avast themselves nothing.

    I guess ill have to just reformat my whole pc,that will alaways work but would rather not.

    After all the things ive tried it no longer shows up anywhere cept in control panel and C: drive and even then it dont allow me to remove it.Anything i do that involves avast gives me many different errors now,yet it still remains.I cant even try to reinstall it,it just gives me error messages as follows:

    Control Panel Unistall says…Error reading product data from C:\program files\Alwilsoftware\avast5\setup cannot continue.

    Aswclear says…the avst self protection module is enabled.for this reason the operation cannot be completed.To complete this operation,either run in safe mode or disable the avst self protection via settings troubleshooting page.(which of course i cant get to without error message)

    Try to reinstall and i get same message as from control panel uninstall then when i close that error window i get this…an error 0 (00000000) has occured.Last performance was:spawning.

    Theres more but im tired of typing,please help,if its possible lol.

  2. Jeff,
    I have just read your problems with avast.
    Avast stop working on my computer this week.
    I uninstalled it on Sunday.If your still got problems,let me know and i will go through the procedure step by step.

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