[Solved] Videos In PowerPoint Slides Does Not Play But Appear Black During Presentation

One of my friend faced this problem when he created a powerpoint presentation for his college project and he added some videos in the presentation as full video slides but at the time of dry run for the presentation he encountered the error when he was trying to play the presentation on a different PC but all the videos in the presentation did not run and instead he saw a black screen, it was good that he faced the problem in dry run and then I helped him to fix it, which helped him deliver the presentation successfully without any issues.

If you have faced a similar or same problem then you are on the right page as we will tell you how to fix the videos not playing in ppt which could be happening due to different reasons. Following are some known reasons.

  • The hardware acceleration setting of the display device is too high.
  • The required codec is missing or damaged.

Running 2010 PPT in 2007 Version of MS Office or Vice Versa – Re Insert Videos in PPT

It could happen with some users that they have created a powerpoint presentation using a different version of office and running on a PC which is has different versions of MS Office, for example if you created a PPT in 2010 and then created the presentation file as single independent file which contains the videos but you try playing the same in office 2007 then videos wont play as office 2007 does not support videos embedded in a PPT but on the other hand office 2010 does support the same feature.

re insert videos in ppt

In such cases you will need to re insert videos in ppt slides and then they will play as a linked file which means that you will have to copy the folder which contains the videos when you transfer the ppt to a different pc.

Install Power Point Viewer Which Plays Videos in PPT Irrespective of MS Office Versions

If you are running older version of office or powerpoint which does not support the ppt to view or if you can view ppt but the videos in the ppt does not play then, power point viewer which is freely distributed from Microsoft. It will let you view the presentations created in PowerPoint 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000 and 97 only but you cant edit the ppt with this software.

Power Point Viewer

Unsupported Video Format in PPT

Another reason for a video to not play when embedded in a power point presentation slide, in such cases you can try converting the video to the format which can be easily played by windows media player [*.wmv]. In order to convert videos suitable to windows media player format, you can either use the free tool which comes pre installed in windows as live movie maker or you can use another free tool called Windows Media Encoder which again comes from microsoft.

windows media encoder

Hardware Acceleration in Windows – It Might Be Causing Videos Not To Play

Another well known and common reason behind the reason of videos not playing in PPT, in such cases disabling hardware acceleration could help to fix this problem. To Disable hardware acceleration follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Start > Control Panel.
  2. In the classic view, double click on the Display icon.
  3. Select the Settings tab and click on the Advanced button. The Advanced Settings dialog box appears.
  4. Click on the Troubleshoot tab.
  5. You can disable the hardware acceleration completely by dragging the slider to the extreme left of the scale.

Please Note: The above procedure could be different if your PC has a graphic card which controls the display settings, then you will need to disable it through the graphic card driver program installed on your computer.

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