[Solved] Virus Deleted or Made Files, Folders Hidden on SD Memory Card & Non Readable, Usable On Nokia Phone

I have been hearing a lot from my friends and family about this virus which is quite different in terms of infection as it infects the SD or micro SD memory card most of the time, and it does not delete any files or folder as free space on the Memory card or USB flash drive remains same, but makes all the files and folder hidden and non readable on Nokia phones, however if you view the same files like music files, pictures or other data you will be able to view, run or use this files when you put the memory card in a android phone.

This is one the most innovate way of virus infection as even if you try to read SD card on a PC or windows computer it will not show the hidden files and folder even after you enable the option to show hidden files and folder.

As this virus works in a different way it creates a folder named _ [underscore] which is a system hidden folder – if you don’t know what is system hidden folder read our guide on how to create one, in short system hidden folder is that hidden folder which does not show up even if you enable show hidden files and folder.

Another way to see such folders and files is to use a free software called free commander still you need to uncheck the option in windows settings which say Hide protected system files and folders (recommended) – as shown in the folders options image shown below, read the solution here

folder options hidden system files and folders

Once this option is unchecked you should insert the memory card via some adaptor if required and read the same on your computer running windows, you will see a new folder with name _ [underscore] as shown in the image below. 

1-28-2012 11-07-18 AM

Once you open this folder, you will see all files and folder of your memory card which were there in the root directory and now they are transferred to this folder after virus infection. If even after following all steps in the tutorial above you don’t see your files, then you can still try this alternative method which will make all files and folder visible. 


  1. wow! it truly works! thank you , i had tried everything before but now …..THANK YOU!

  2. ThanQ Very much for such type of suggestions. this is so helpful like our problems.
    it so usefull to me.i got all my images attacked by virus.once again thankyou so much….

  3. you are an absolute LIFESAVER.
    i just spent 4 days and $X dollars making videos for an immigration exam.
    the last 1 part of 12 successful ones previously done.
    deadline 9 hours away.
    put the card in, no files !!
    i hit the roof.
    1st result in google was you.
    2 mins later the files r on my PC.
    you have helped 3 guys go to Australia.

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