[Solved] Voice Password To Lock Windows

Some of our readers asked us if there is any way they can unlock windows using a voice, this idea itself is quite good as unlocking windows without entering or typing a password on the keyboard will require the least effort from the user, so many users would like to see this feature in future versions of windows, as if now this feature is not there in the latest upcoming version of windows 8, hopefully it will get add up in windows as default feature one day.

How To Unlock Windows with Voice Command

In order unlock windows with voice, you will need to install some third party software which can enable this feature on windows, but as it seems like most of these software’s are paid and but come with a free trail for some weeks or month.

Voice Password Lock Windows

The first software which can be direct need for this purpose is VoicePass PC Security Lock [Paid]  – this application is designed in a way that it can unlock windows based on your voice, but thing to notice is that you need to a have a unique word which should not no longer than 2 seconds. The first time you run the software after installing it, it will ask you to enrol and record the voice password which you will need to say 10 times and then it will save for future.

add voice password in windows 

You can select any word from any language between 3-12 letters. The software monitors who is trying to access your computer while you are away. Protect your privacy and confidential data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Voice Lock Password In Windows

We cant find more software’s to unlock windows with voice which could work like this one, if you can suggest a free or paid software like this which could allow to add windows user to add a voice password to unlock windows please let us know through comments at the end of this page.

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