[Solved] Windows 7 Gadgets and Sidebar Does Not Work or Improperly Displayed

One of our reader reported from some days, he could not see any of windows 7 gadgets working or displaying properly, similar other problems from other users are as follows.

  • Gadgets may be displayed as black squares.
  • Gadgets may be displayed that have vertical green lines down the center, or gadgets may not be displayed at all.
  • Gadgets may have blue exclamation marks next to them.

After researching about this problem we got to know, that this could happen when system restore is performed or UAC – User account Control is turned on which is somehow blocking the windows 7 gadgets to work properly. There are some ways you can fix this problem and these methods are mentioned below.

Running System Scan of Windows Files

As windows 7 gadgets are run by a system file so running full system scan for corrupted windows files and repairing them could fix this problem for you. For this you will need to launch command prompt by typing cmd in run prompt and then run the following command sfc /scannow

scan now

Restore Windows 7 Gadgets and Sidebar

Another way to fix the windows 7 gadgets not running or not displayed properly is by running windows 7 gadgets settings restore so that all the gadgets are initialized but this way you will loose all the customizations you have done earlier on windows 7 gadgets. You will find the restore gadgets option in control panel.

restore windows gadgets

Use Microsoft Fix It Utility To Fix This

If none of the above ways worked to fix this problem for you, then you can use official microsoft fix it tool which allows you to fix this quite easily without much effort needed from user side.

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