[Solved] Windows 7 Taskbar Settings Lost After Restart When Automatic Logon Is Used

There is a problem with some of the computers running Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008; When a user logs into Windows 7  or Windows Server 2008 using the Automatic logon, and makes some changes to Windows 7 Taskbar, these changes are lost after a restart. All the customizations like placing the icons as certain places, pinning icons to task bar, taskbar preferences etc are all reset after restart even if the user has saved the settings.


This problem is not faced by all Windows 7 or Windows 2008 server users but some of them. This problem occurs because of some race condition between two windows executable files explorer.exe and taskhost.exe . Microsoft has recently released a hotfix to fix this issue.

The hotfix is not recommended for the users who do not face this issue. As per Microsoft, this hotfix needs more testing and is not recommended for you if you are not facing this problem.


You can download the hotfix number 979155 from Microsoft from the link below:

Download Microsoft Hotfix 979155

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