[Solved] WordPress Editor Image Uploading Issues and Solutions

We always use a wordpress blog client while writing a blog post for this or other blog. I use windows live writer in windows and for mac I use MarsEdit for writing a blog posting it to blog, reason I liked the wordpress editor but one thing which always mess up the entire experience while writing a blog post is the wordpress image uploader, as there are very limited options I see for editing when I try to add images to my blog post.

The primary issues I always faced while editing an image I have added through the wordpress editor is that I cannot resize it as per the my blog theme size there are some predefined sizes from which I need to select. 

 Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 12 50 15 PM

Another problem many users face is when they try to crop the image, some how they can’t locate the option for it or it is quite difficult to know how to do it. Most of the users try to find the other image editing options like rotating the image, scaling up and down the image, flipping the image – most of these options are there in the wordpress default editor but some times difficult to locate for some. 

Today in this blog post we will tell you the solution to the above discussed problems, firstly there is no resize option in wordpress editor when you upload images, you can upload images and resize as per four default sizes which are there in wordpress as Thumbnail, Medium, Large and Full Size which will be the original size of the image you uploaded.

Change The Default Sizes Of Image In WordPress  

For this you will first need to login in with the admin previledges account on your wordpress blog and then go to Settings >> Media and there you see the options to change the default dimensions and sizes for the Medium size, Large Size and Thumbnails Size of the image. 

Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 1 07 36 PM

Another option to further explore the image editing, you can click the edit image you have uploaded through the default wordpress image uploader. 

Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 1 10 12 PM

Once you click on the edit image option you will see the option to cropping the image, rotating the image left or right and flipping the image vertically or horizontally, but no resizing so make sure you resize the image before hand if you need while using the wordpress default image uploader. 

Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 1 13 56 PM

Apart from the ones discussed above, if you want more detailed and extensive image editing options in wordpress editor we receommend you to install some wordpress plugins discussed below which might help you in extensive image editing in wordpress. 

One such plugin is named TinyUploads Photo Uploader for wordpress – its fast and easy way to get the images uploaded and added to the blog post and it can automatically resize the images uploaded.

Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 1 19 22 PM 

Please Note: However there is one downside using this plugin, that is it hasn’t been updated in over last 2 years, so it may longer be maintained or supported so you might face compatibility issues with this plugin, for us its just working fine. 

Another plugin is Flexible Upload which can resize an image while uploading to wordpress and can also include a watermark to be added on the  uploaded images. It can also create thumbnail of the desired size of the uploaded image as you specify. It can let you upload multiple images and also have multi language support. 

Screen Shot 2012 08 30 at 1 28 56 PM

Again this plugin as well hasn’t been updated for a year or more, so it may longer be maintained or supported so you might face compatibility issues with this plugin, but still you can try and if it does not work, you can always deactivate the same. 

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