[Fix] Team Viewer Service Always Running On Windows PC

Team Viewer is a great tool to remotely access a computer using LAN or Internet and this service is free for personal and non-commercial use. I use this tool sometimes to help friends with their computer problems and sometime I use to check my home PC when I am out of home. But there is one small annoying fact related to Team Viewer which bothers me at times. Since I use the Team Viewer once in a while, but the Team Viewer service is always running in background silently even when I don’t plan to use it for a few weeks. In Windows Task Manager, under services tab you can check what all services are running at a time on your Windows PC. While many softwares have options to disable automatic start, but the new version of Team Viewer which I am using does not give an option to disable the service from the startup of Windows.

In this article, I will share simple and easy to follow steps to take control of the Team Viewer service in Windows. In case you use Team Viewer often, I won’t recommend you to turn off the service, but if like me, you use it once in a month of less, it makes sense to stop the service as its unnecessarily using your computer’s resources to keep the service running in background. And if you use it even less often, say once in 3 months or so, you can also consider to uninstall it. When you need to use it again, you can download the later version and use the same when you need it. Follow the below steps to stop the Team Viewer Service.

Step 1: Press Windows Key + R on your keyboard. This will open the Run prompt. Type services.msc and press enter.

Stop Teamviewer Service (1)

Step 2: On the services Window, cross down to Team Viewer service corresponding to the version number you are using. While writing this tutorial, I was using version 7, so I access Team Viewer 7 Service and right click on it. When you right click, click on Properties.

Stop Teamviewer Service (2)

Step 3: On the Properties window, click on the drop-down options Startup type: and select Manual.

Stop Teamviewer Service (3)

Step 4: This way the service will not start on its own. To start or stop the service manually, you can go to services as mentioned in step 1 and locate the service. Right click on the service and Stop it.

Stop Teamviewer Service (4)

This way you can start the service only when you intend to use Team Viewer, all other times, the service should remain stopped to not put load on the Windows PC resources.

Stop Teamviewer Service (5)

Hope you find the above tutorial easy to follow. Check out some more Tips and Tricks by Trouble Fixers.

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